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Social sports is a recreational sport society for everyone to attend, no matter your sporting experience! We host a different sport every Wednesday (with some recurring favourites!) and encourage everyone to attend whatever sports they can or wish to. There are no pressures of competition or mandatory training, and we love to hear your sport recommendations! We have played sports ranging from football and rounders to capture the flag and wheelchair basketball and plan to include so many more! This year, we will be including sports such as ice skating around Christmas and would love to hear more suggestions from our members, new and returning!

We aim to ensure every member feels as welcomed and included as possible, we are a society focussed around socialising in a fun and carefree way, and don’t take ourselves too seriously. There is no pressure to play the sport if you only want to socialise and meet new people, and there is no pressure to socialise if you only want to play the sport as well.

We also take part in Worcester Wednesday’s at tramps, holding a different social each week where members can dress up to a theme and socialise before moving into the club if you want to continue the night! There is no pressure to drink at any of our socials either. We will also be planning some sober socials, such as a pizza party and escape room for those who don’t like the party environment!

Social sports is a stress-free way to meet new people and get your weekly exercise in, and we would love to see new faces and returning members this year! We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have on any of our social media pages or through the SU website!


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