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Welcome to the new University of Worcester Business Society! We are so excited to be up and running! We have got some exciting events in the pipeline, join us today!

Business Society

Welcome to the new University of Worcester Business Society! We are so excited to be up and running!

By joining our society you can make new friends, join our exciting events and be part of a group of likeminded individuals! We welcome everyone, so whatever course your doing, if you have a passion for business, we are the perfect society for you!

We have got some amazing activities and events in the pipeline, join us!


Inclusivity Pledge

The University of Worcester Business Society promises to support and celebrate diversity and inclusion. We will hold events and activities that work for everyone and consider factors including, but not limited to, age, gender, race, religion/beliefs, sexual orientation, marital status, and disability. When hosting events and activities, we will endeavour to protect and ensure all remembers are represented fairly and respectfully.

We will stand by our members no matter what and embrace the differences between us. The Business Society is a safe space for all students, to share opinions, make new friends and have a positive university experience. Also, we will respect and support inclusivity campaigns such as Black History Month and Pride by sharing our support via social media and through society events.

The society committee is always available to talk and listen, with our all-hour policy. If anyone has any problems or queries, we encourage you to get in touch, we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will take on board all concerns and suggestions, ensuring your privacy is protected.

Additionally, any member found to be shaming or discriminating against another member/individual will be reprimanded. But we will share and celebrate our successes across the society by holding events such as an end of year dinner and Christmas celebrations.

Business Society Inclusion policies:

  • Offering an inclusive space for all students, not just Business
  • Defending all members of the society from discrimination
  • Respecting pronouns
  • Celebrating and showing respect for observances such as World Day of Social Justice, Black History Month, Pride Month, Women’s History Month, etc.
  • Any members found to break the inclusivity pledge will be removed. Any members removed will have an opportunity to re-join upon re-education.

Download Inclusivity Pledge - /asset/Organisation/6082/Inclusivity-Pledge.docx

Download Code Of Conduct - /asset/Organisation/6082/Code-of-Conduct.pdf

Committee Membership


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