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Change Week: See how you voted!

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In order of popularity, you can see how students voted for each idea here.

On Monday 4 - Friday 8 February 2019, Worcester held its very first Change Week.

This Week provided students with the opportunity to share their ideas about all aspects of being a student at the University of Worcester, including the Students' Union, student opportunities, campus and facilities, local communities, campus life, and academic experience. 

Throughout the Week, students submitted an incredible 1080+ ideas, and these ideas received 8454 votes via both the Change Week boards and via our brand new Ideas Forum. 

The Students' Union will look at all feedback, regardless of how popular they were, but there will be more focus on those that proved popular with students. Following the voting period, the top 10 overall ideas were as follows: 

  1. Cheaper bus fares for students
  2. Classes on first aid
  3. Blood donations at University
  4. 24h access to The Hive
  5. Classes on self-defence
  6. Classes on sign language
  7. Avoid multiple deadlines in the same week on mandatory modules
  8. A nap room or sleeping pods on campus
  9. More pet therapy sessions
  10. Hold a ball (summer or end of semester ball)

The next stage is for your Vice President Education, Euan Morrison, to work with your School Reps to look at every idea submitted. They will work together to identify positive actions that the Students' Union and University can take to make these ideas happen (and, in cases where an idea cannot happen, we will explain to students why this is the case, or what we are looking at as an alternative win if not the original idea). The Students' Union will update students in the coming months on the progress of these ideas. 

You are still able to submit ideas for change via our Ideas Forum. If an idea recieves at least 25 'up-votes', the Union will then be able to consider it. The more votes and comments an idea gets, the more power it gives us to try and action it. 

The Ideas Forum is a direct, new, and effective way to get your voice heard and you can use it as many times as you like during your time as a University of Worcester student. 

The overall aim of Change Week was to make our feedback processes as visible as possible to highlight the work that your Course Reps and School Reps do on a daily basis, as well as how your University and Students' Union act on and address the feedback received to improve the overall student experience.



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