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What Happened at the All Student Meeting?

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On Thursday 23rd April, the Students' Union held our annual All Student Meeting. Amid the current situation and measures around social distancing, this meeting was held for the very first time online via a Zoom conference. 


So, what is an All Student Meeting (ASM)? 

The All Student Meeting is held annually, and allows members of the Students' Union  to hear about the work being done by their SU and Officers, vote on key affiliations, and approve finances. It also gives students the opportunity to hold the SU to account and ask any questions. 


Harry Lonsdale - Students Union President (Full Time Officer Trustee)
Mike Harris - Vice President Student Activities (Full Time Officer Trustee)


175 students attended this year's ASM, therefore meeting quoracy. Also in attendance was the University's Pro-Vice Chancellor for Students, Ross Renton. 


Key outcomes:

A key aspect of this year's ASM was for students to vote on the proposed changes to the SU's Constitution and Bye Laws. Briefly explained, these changes include:

  • Removing Part Time Officers and replacing them with Networks.
  • Simplifying the membership of Executive Committee (Full Time Officers only)
  • Changing to the rules about how many people need to attend the ASM to 50 students, and the addition of a failsafe to enable us to hold a second meeting if that number is not reached.
  • Simplifying the process of Student Trustees so they are appointed rather than elected.   

You can read more about the SU's proposed changes to the constitution here. 

These proposed changes to the constitution were approved by students through a vote (anonymous poll within Zoom). The proposal will now be taken to the next University of Worcester Board of Governors meeting for final approval. If approved at this stage, the new constitution will be implemented in June.   


In summary:

  • The proposed changes to the SU's Constitution were approved. 
  • The SU's accounts (2018-19) were approved.
  • The SU's auditors were approved.
  • Our affiliations to NUS, BUCS, Advice UK, and various other club and society affiliations, were approved.


The Officers also looked back at the SU's acheivements from 2018-19, as well as giving their own personal highlights from their year in office. 

Finally, the SU and Officers were able to give an update around Covid-19, including how they continue to support students, and also answer a variety of questions.


Minutes from this year's ASM can be read here.



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