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Worcester's beloved, FREE evening event, Light Night is back once again this Feburary. And Poetry Society have created a 'Treasure Map' (scavenger hunt) for the event - and yes, there WILL be prizes for teams and individuals!


What you'll need to enter:

1. A valid Poetry Society membership for 2022-2023 (inclusive of single-semester memberships.) OR a £1 online ticket for non-members to join in the fun. - This is so we can send you your event 'treasure map'! 

2. A phone, Camera, or other device to take photos with - this will be your point-collecting tool - your photos are your tasks/evidence!


And that's it. So whether you're teaming with a buddy - or entering alone - we can't wait to see how you compete in this series of creative, colourful challenges! 




Good to know: 

Our treasure map will be appropriate for use on either night: Wednesday 22nd feb or Thursday 23rd feb - so don't worry about missing things out if you're only attending on one night.

The Treasure Map will be sent to you in a digital format via email - on Wednesday 22nd Feb by our VC Inclusivity and Promotions, Freddie. This will be sent to the emails linked to £1 treasure map purchases, OR your student email associated with your existing Poetry Society membership. Please get in touch if you require a different format or email. - You are more than welcome to print off your treasure map, if it suits you for use on the night.

Prizes will be announced via our instagram, so keep in touch with: @uowpoetrysociety online!

All your hints, instructions, and points of contact will be Light Night-based, and attached to your treasure map - so, don't worry, you won't require poetry knowledge to win!

You must be listed as a Treasure Map recipient or current Poetry Society member to claim for a scavenger prize - so please ensure you're on our radar. 'Pirated' treasure maps, ironically, cannot be entered to our prize draw. 


If you've any questions, let us know! We're happy to help out. Until then - enjoy the magical Light Night 2023 and getting creative this Feburary!