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Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Activities



Representing you, vote Nicole Drew!

Hi, I’m Nicole and I’m running for Vice President Student Activities.

Aims I would deliver if I were to be elected would be:

1.Bringing Inclusivity and Well-being to Worcester

My aim is to focus on health, physically, mentally and emotionally, to welcome students to take part in all student activities and support academic success.

-For a whole week every two months I wish to hold a ‘Worcester Wellbeing Week’

-Activities in Worcester well-being week: yoga, journaling, mediation, first aid, workshops on positive image, walk and talk groups, inclusion in sport and community and supporting equality

- Option for societies and clubs to earn Worc points 

2.Committee Recognition Scheme

As previously being on the Cheerleading committee it is a full-time position that does not receive enough recognition and acknowledgement by others.

-I want to show off and award all committee members that give their all 24/7 and show dedication to their society or club.

-Inspire other members and those who want to run for committee positions the next year.

3. a WHOLE impact

My aim as VPSA is to make sure everyone at Worcester University is given the same opportunity to take part in student activities and to feel part of the Worcester Students Union community.

-Careers in all student activities – life after university

-Society and club days

-Worcester TV – would be honoured to carry this on as it celebrates students success, opportunities and passion.