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Education Enhancement


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What is our society all about?

The Education Enhancement Society was created for any students with an interest in Education. It is a gateway into all things Education and aims to equip individuals with valuable skills linked to a career in Education. The Education Enhancement Society is inclusive of all members and welcomes students from other non-education courses. We organise workshops, social events and trips to develop our skills and meet like-minded people.

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Meet your 2020/21 Committee




Members' Rep

Social Media Rep

Inclusivity Rep

Charlotte McNamara

Emily Cartwright

Katie Gayton

Bella Riley

Tyesha Wynter

Lucie Beard


Society Events 2020/2021: 

The committee have been busy planning a range of events and talks for this year and we can’t wait to share more details with you all. Some of the sessions we have planned include:

  • The role of an educational psychologist
  • EQ in Education
  • Becoming an NQT
  • Teaching Internationally
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Quiz nights, flim nights and more!

To keep up to date about our sessions including times and locations, please visit our social media pages.

For more information, contact us on any of our social media or drop an email to:


We look forward to meeting you all soon :)

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Committee Membership

Members Rep


Social Media Rep


Inclusivity Rep