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Education Enhancement


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What is our society all about?

The Education Enhancement Society was created for any students with an interest in Education. It is a gateway into all things Education and aims to equip individuals with valuable skills linked to a career in Education. The Education Enhancement Society is inclusive of all members and welcomes students from other non-education courses. We organise workshops, social events and trips to develop our skills and meet like-minded people.

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Meet your 2021/22 Committee


Lucie Beard


Emily Cartwright


Charlotte Freeman

Inclusivity Rep

Lauren Harriott

Social Media Rep

Emma Parkes

Members' Rep

Bella Riley


Society Events 2021/2022 

The committee are busy planning a range of events and talks for this year. Keep an eye on our social media and your emails about upcoming events 

Our social events

We have weekly socials on Wednesday nights with specific themes. We post details on our facebook and instagram pages including the theme. Let us know if you're coming on any of our posts or direct message us!

Quiz Night - 23rd September 6pm

Ice Skating - 30th September 7pm

Charity Walk up the Malvern Hills - 11th November 7pm



Our talks/workshops!

We are finalising times and dates but here are some our talks/workshops

Early Career Teacher (ECT) talk - 14th October 6pm

Gym Apparatus Night - 8th November 6:15pm

Paediatric first aid training - 3rd and 10th November 9:30am-4:30pm

Wellbeing and workload management - 13th December - 6pm Online 

Mini Yoga - 17th February - 7pm - Activity room, Riverside Campus

Mental health first aid training - Wednesday 6th April - 9am-4pm - St John's Campus



Any talks/workshops/socials you would like us to put on - Let us know!!

To keep up to date about our sessions including times and locations, please visit our social media pages.


Our Societies Inclusivity Pledge

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted a degree of uncertainty with organising in person events. For the society to be as inclusive as possible, we will strive to offer both in-person and virtual events to ensure everyone feels comfortable and involved with the society. This ensures the society is accessible to all students, since there is no pressure to feel inclined to come to in-person events, if there are concerns around this. Offering virtual events alongside in person events helps to include commuters too and ensuring everyone can be involved is something we are very passionate about. Safety is also a huge priority and through creating a safe, communicative and supportive environment, we want our members to feel safe in raising any concerns and seek support. As committee members, we are excited to be approachable, friendly and informed individuals who will strive to be welcoming to new and returning members. Since the committee is representative of a variety of education courses (including primary education, education studies and early childhood in society), we will continue to encourage anyone to join the society with a passion or interest in education. Across all socials, we will celebrate and share the successes of our members (of course with their consent). We are interested in having frequent awards, such as ‘society member of the month’ to further celebrate members and recognise their contributions to the society. We aim to promote an awareness for inclusivity campaigns (including some that specifically relate to our society), including Autism Awareness Day, International Stand up to Bullying day, Mental Health Month and supporting other societies with their campaigns. As a whole, we aim to ensure all members feel safe, included and welcomed within our society and we have a strong passion for ensuring everyone feels comfortable to express themselves and their opinions. 


For more information, contact us on any of our social media or drop an email to:


We look forward to meeting you all soon :)

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Committee Membership


Inclusivity Rep

Members Rep


Social Media Rep