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Occupational Therapy Society

Join us for our second year running!


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2020/21 is our second year running and we are excited to be doing some exciting events so keep an eye on our facebook, instagram and twitter page!

Instagram: ot_society_uow 

We are looking for new members and for members to take up roles such as a Fundraising Rep, Social Secretary, Assistant OT cafe Co-ordinator or Social Media Rep, so please get involved! In january we will begin the election process to replace the core roles also so think about whether you'd like to run the society and gain valuable experience you can take to interview!

We are bringing back the OT Cafe! This event is composed of a guest speaker (usually an Occupational Therapist) comes in to speak to us about their role and there experiences. This offers opportunity for insight into a particular field, with discussions, questions... and best of all, buiscuits and tea. So far we are planning for this to be online and we are offering members free "Takeaway OT Society Packs" filled with tea-bags, biscuits, OT merchendise and much more so you can enjoy the experience from home. 

We also will be fundraising, hosting fun socials, and collaborating with the Physiotherapy Society!

“We want the OT Society to provide a  welcoming, fun and exciting atmosphere for all members. We want you to always feel supported and included so that you know you have us to go to for a break from the stresses of university.” 


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