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Islamic Society


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Our society is comprised of welcoming and engaged members, who aspire to promote peace and unity. We welcome students of ALL faith’s, backgrounds and spiritual beliefs and we hope to expand out to students over mutual respect and shared values. We are here to encourage harmonious living among all students and invite you with open arms. Our aim is to provide a platform to its members to share their skills and beliefs, have a laugh, make friends, de-stress... it's a space where everyone can embrace their identity.

We intend to provide socials throughout the year like charity work, guest speakers and social events.  This allows our members to get to know each other to build brotherhoods and sisterhoods as well as lifelong friendships. We hope that this encourages a diverse space. We would love to collaborate with other nearby Islamic societies, as well as other clubs/societies to meet new people and experience different opportunities. Through these activities, we hope to make a significant difference in a students’ life.

Interested? Drop us a message/email and come along to our socials! We don't bite, I promise!


Every fortnight, dates and room TBC. Keep a look out on our social media! 

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Facebook -  University of Worcester's Islamic Society 

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