About Us

The weird and wonderful world of anime and manga is welcome to all, wether you've just recently gotten interested in anime and manga or have been a hard core fan since young, we accept all (^w^)/

Greetings to all enthusiasts~!

Welcome to the Anime and Manga Society at the University of Worcester, where we are delighted and eager to include you all in our weebiest entertainment!


Session information:

- Held every Friday from 6:15pm to 10:00pm

- The room where we meet is EE (Edward Elgar) G164 on the St John's Campus. It is in the corridor to the left of the reception desk and near the stairs.

- First half of the session will involve watching a variety of anime by popular choice by casting a vote currently showing Mob Psyco 100, Trigun and Bungo Stray Dogs.

- Second half of the session will involve a variety of social events, such as our monthly manga review, Among Us, specific anime watches (e.g. influential anime), try your best voice acting, retro gaming, board games, etc

- We may have collabs throughout the year with other societies. These are optional to come along to!


Points of contact:

Our society's main point of contact and messaging will be through our Discord, which can be found here: https://discord.gg/cnKa8AdJ

However, we've also been attempting to bring life to other points of contact, such as:
Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WorcAnimeAndManga
And our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/worcanimeandmanga/

And, of course, if you have any questions or concerns, our lovely committee members are available to help you! We can be found at:
Chair: Zoe Catreena (Carz1_22@uni.worc.ac.uk)
Vice Chair of Admin and Finance: Eleanor Hardwick (Hare1_22@uni.worc.ac.uk)
Vice Chair of Inclusivity and Promotions: Olivia Brightmore (Brio1_22@uni.worc.ac.uk)
Social Secretary: Rosie Loughran (Lour1_19@uni.worc.ac.uk)


We welcome anyone and everyone, anime newcomers and veterans alike, and invite all to have an amazing time and create lifelong friendships with us!

Committee Membership


Check back soon for more events

No elections are currently running