About Us

We as a society, are all about celebrating and educating culture. We welcome anyone and everyone from any background, not just those with African/ Caribbean heritage. We meet up every monday night to provide a fun, safe and family like environment for all. We offer a place where diversity is celebrated and  not ignored or discriminated against.

 We aim to listen to the needs and concerns of the members of our society and  aim to provide what  our members are interested in, - i.e. activites and trips.  We are all about celebrating black excellence and black culture, but we dont believe you a have to be black to celebrate it  or educate yourself  about it with us.So feel free to come along and check us out!

Our society also acts as a point of contact for our members, where we will always support them with any issues or concerns they may have or may be encountering at University.

Make sure you follow our instagram page and facbeook to keep yourself updated with any events we may have coming.


Check back soon for more events

No elections are currently running

Worcester Students' Union is a registered charity no. 1145192

Get in touch at studentsunion@worc.ac.uk

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