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Welcome to the Tabletop society 

We got a little bit of something for everyone.

Our aim at the tabletop society is to try to have lots of different nerdy stuff that people can get involed in. This ranges from dungeon and dragons, board games, other roleplaying games, card games, video games, films and tv. 

We hope to have something that you can get involed in. We are running lots of sessions for new players in all these areas so don't feel intimidated. There is always someone to show you the ropes and ways you can get engaged. In our discord we have sections for all our caragories so you can chat with people with mutual interests. If there is something that we don't have that you really enjoy, we are always taking suggestion and will try to incoporate it into the society!


Looking forward to seeing you all!

Feel free to join our discord and say hi:

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