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Join Poetry Society as we occupy The Hangar for 24 hours of NON-STOP READING!

We're doing what we love (reading and eating cake...) to raise funds for NHS Oncology Care unit, The Woolverstone Wing, via: - a donation page set up in loving memory of Rita Hoyle, the mother of a current student at University of Worcester.


Join us at The Read-A-Thon Arena (The Hangar) at any point within our 24 timeslot between 6pm Monday 19th Feb + Tuesday 20th Feb to support our fundraising efforts!




How can reading raise funds?

As with a sponsored run, people are encouraged to seek sponsors to pledge a donation with each milestone read: this milestone could be per book(s), per page(s), or per hour(s) reading. For example:

£1 per 100 pages

5p per Childrens’ book

1p per poem

50p per hour of non-stop reading.

Our blank sponsorship sheet for printing HERE: Readathon sponsorship sheet - public.docx - if you cannot access this link and would like to take part, please get in touch with us via Freddie (Poetry Soc Chair) - Their email: 


How can we prove how much we've read?

We'd (ideally) like readers to note their efforts and confirm the following:

Book Title(s) / Reading material

Time started – Time Finished

Total time / pages completed

= To then file back to both Poetry Society and their personal read-a-thon sponsors.


Do we need to be present at The Hangar (The 'Read'A'Thon Arena) for our reading to count?

No! All reading can be done remotely, if you prefer peace and quiet. All we ask is that you are responsible for, and transparent about your reading progress in order to raise funds.


Are there other fundraising options for those who don't want to read?

Absolutely! Poetry Society will be transforming The Hangar into The Read-A-Thon Arena from Monday 6pm until Tuesday [late] on 19/02/24 - 20/02/24. Along with our Reading Zones, we'll also have a bake sale, pre-loved bargain book sale, a donation bucket + portal for cash + card donations, and a QUIZ TAKEOVER on Tuesday night!