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Candidate for the position of President

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Al Linforth

Re-AL-ect me as your SU President

I have loved being your SU President this year, which is why I am re-running for the role. I would love to speak to you about my manifesto; please reach out to me on social media if you have any questions or would like more details about it. If you see me on campus this week, why not come say hello!


This year I have:

  • Supported students with the cost of living crisis through the community cupboard and breakfast clubs

  • Run free wellbeing activities

  • Launched Network Week

  • Lowered food prices in the canteen

  • and so much more...

Goal 1: Cost of Living Support

  • Lower laundry prices on campus or find a cheaper alternative

  • Pay Network Committees with a bursary.

  • Continuation of Community Cupboard and Free Breakfast/Lunch Club, again donating my officer budget to help support students.

Goal 2: Improving University Life

  • Self-Certification option to run alongside mitigating circumstances

  • Prayer rooms, breastfeeding rooms and wellbeing rooms moved to better locations and updated

  • Better Landlord vetting and reporting system for students

Goal 3: International Student Support

  • Continue to lobby the university to allow International Students to apply for the Access to Learning fund

  • More support for housing and reinstating the university being able to act as a guarantor