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Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Activities



Going Avo and Beyond

Hi! My name is Avanish Patel, and I am running for VPSA! During my 3 years studying at Worcester, I have worked for the Residential Life Team, whilst being members of Men’s Cricket Society and Badminton Society. I’m also part of the committee for Badminton Society, as Vice Chair of Finance and Admin. I have gained experience, developed my confidence, and expanded my knowledge through work life, studies, friendships and being part of multiple societies alongside. This is something I will look to bring to the role as VPSA, ensuring students have a positive university experience whether they join a society, sports team, or a network.

If elected I will aim to deliver:

Further campaigns for mental health over the university and let the people know you are not alone and we are all in this together.

Provide further opportunities for people to grow and learn new skills where they can network, prepare for the future, and enjoy the university life. This can be through a collaboration with a department inside the university, society, network, sport, or an outside business.

To ensure everyone feels included and welcome to all sports, societies, and networks during their time at university and creating a safe and inclusive environment for all when participating in all activities.

Holding a tea and coffee morning for all students so we can get to know them better and how they are finding university life.