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Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Activities



Sports and Socs, Get Busy 4 Issy!!

Hiya! I’m Issy and I am running to be your next Vice President Student Activities! My experience within the SU includes being the vice chair of inclusivity and promotions for two years in Loco Show Co and the current Rep for General Interest Societies on TeamWorc Council. From this, I have gained an understanding and love for the incredible students and staff who make the Students’ Union and TeamWorc the best. My bubbly and friendly personality welcomes students who need someone to come to for advice/reassurance. My policies work on ideas which will develop inclusivity whilst highlighting hardworking students.

I would love to be your next VPSA to widen these ideas within the amazing community that is TeamWorc and further provide a positive student experience!



Furthering TeamWorc Star!

Committees every month can nominate a member they think deserves to be recognised for their commitment to their society or sports club, providing benefits for both the individual and the club!

TeamWorc Mix and Mingle Days!

Focusing on mental health and networking, these days would allow a sports club or society to do activities which others can participate in to try out something new, get to know other members of TeamWorc or just for fun. 

Introducing Sports Day! 

Anyone can participate! This can also be an opportunity for performance-based sports like cheerleading, dance and aerial fitness to perform!

TeamWorc Initiatives!

  • Reinvent TeamWorc Points System

  • Develop TeamWorc TV to promote volunteering and RAG events

  • More SU awards