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Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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A student focus campaign wanting a Seb-tacular student experience


Thanks for checking out my manifesto. My aims are simple, create a learning environment and community that puts all students at the heart. My focuses are focused on the SPECIAL acronym.

S - sign language available to all health care and teaching students, and open to all students throughout the year

P - Partners, work closer with our partner institutions to create more learning opportunities and a National sense of community 

E - Environment, continue to improve the learning space, whilst creating more room for independent and group work

C - create a joint honours community, making sure they have their own identity

I - Improve the protected time for students who have finished placement or are between placement, make sure we’re looking after their well-being 

A - Availability of SU resources for city campus and Jenny Lind, making those students feel part of uni and not separate 

L - Language shouldn’t be a barrier, lobby to university to readdress their SPAG policy, making sure international students aren’t penalised, also making sure we’re supporting dyslexic students 

Along with this I want to implement a recognition system, not just for reps (which will continue as they do amazing work) but also for every student, to identify which of their peers goes the extra mile

If any of this sounds like something that mattters to you please Vote Seb for VPE!