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Candidate for the position of President



Butler, serving Worcester's students



Hi, my name is David Butler and I am a 3rd year forensic psychology student, the current chairman of American football and I am running for the role of president of the student union.


Why should you vote for me?

-Increase awareness of part time officers, by giving students a talk on the importance of the part time officers and how they represent students and the important decision process they are part of. According to the SU website 10 of the 28 student council positions need to be filled, that is a staggering 35% leaving many students not represented.

-Introduce a second sports and societies fair for those with sensory processing conditions. The fair can be loud and overwhelming which means students with these conditions might find it too much to attend.

- all welfare officers to attend the bystander intervention programme

- lobby the university to investigate alternate car parking solutions, no student should be late to or miss a lecture because they cannot find a parking space.

- liaise with current students about what they would like for an early starters welcome week (healthcare and teaching students)

- encourage and promote to students the courses and facilities that are available to them such as fancy a cuppa, looking after your mate, managing anxiety and exam and assessment stress to increase understanding of mental health. Look at trialing mental health services that have been successful in other universities around the world.