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Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Activities



Award your SU with an Oskar

Award your SU with an Oskar

Hi, I’m Oskar, currently a 3rd year and your candidate for the VP Student Activities role. I strongly believe that our time and experience at the Uni is what we make of it and active student involvement across campuses, whether through clubs or societies is key. Having experienced life at the University as a student, athlete and employee my understanding of a student’s needs is significant so help me help you have a great experience!

Goals during office:

? More student activities across campuses

We think that the overall student involvement and campus activities are lacking in number currently and this directly affects student’s life on campus. To better the experience, we propose creating a weekly plan of events and social gatherings that would uplift the campus’ life and enjoyment.

o Debate nights

o Inter-University football league and eSport tournaments

o Sports Broadcasting

o Themed nights

o Nightlife

? Better support and guidance for clubs and societies

As a society’s chairman I recognise the value of the SU on campus. This both, inspires and motivates me to make the bond between the SU’s societies, clubs and their respective sponsors even stronger while helping them thrive and flourish on campus.

? Cultural Assimilation

As an international student I know how challenging it may be changing the environment and entering a new community. To help students, especially international ones, we suggest it may be helpful organising events where students would socialize and exchange their cultural experience.