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Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Activities



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Hi Everyone! I’m Mike and I’m hoping to be your new Vice President for Student Activities! Here are some of the things I would do should you vote me as your number 1!

-       Further increase the profile of sports and societies through the continuation and progression of Team Worc TV!

-       Work with SU to move as many BUCS fixtures outside of progression Weeks!

-       Self-defence classes for all students on both campuses at least once a week!

-       Lobby to live stream as many events and fixtures as possible!

-       Lobby for a performance analysis tool for all sports, including opportunity to make your own highlights reel!

-       More volunteering and placement opportunities, publicised more often!

-       Greater visibility in the sport and society funding process!

-       More support and guidance for promoting your sport, society or event!

-       Greater ongoing promotion of recreation teams!

-       Optional disclosure of sport and society preferences upon university registration to help committees identify potential incoming members!

-       Gaming tournaments in the SU for charity and social purposes!

-       Joint fundraising and social events across societies!

-       Online suggestion pages that can be accessed any time!

-       Monthly, all student activities (Like Zorbing!)

#WeLikeMike! #Mike4VPSA