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Run by students, for students – what difference will you make?

Candidate for the position of Vice President Student Activities



Your new favourite Pearson

I am running for VPSA as I am very organised and committed to making the SU better for students. I have been Chair of the Pole Fitness Club for the last two years. As Chair I have helped the club to grow, not only in the number of members, but also starting competitions and holding showcases. I want to be able to help other clubs and societies grow in the same way and get them more involved with students and the SU. 

I aim to bring together students and bridge the gap between societies and clubs. I want to hold more inter-group events in order to get more communication between groups. I also want to have joint meetings to ensure everyone knows about what is going on so that more people can support others and give recognition for work that's been done.

I want to hold short courses that students can sign up to where they can learn a new skill which will enhance their degree. Some ideas I had in mind for this was learning a foreign language, self-defence, sign language, calligraphy or how to cook simple meals. 

I want to bring “WorcTV” to Instagram TV. It will be a platform to showcase events that have taken place and also show the events for the following week so that students can keep up with everything going on. 

Finally, I would like to give those struggling with poor mental health a place to go in the SU where there will be Student Support sessions for students to help other students.