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Candidate for the position of Vice President Education



By the Students for the Students

My name is Sam Owens-Mailes, a third year Criminology student and I am running for the position of Vice-President of Education in the coming Union leadership election.

Should I be successful and be elected to the position of VP for Education it is my intention to carry on the good work of the previous administration and continue to improve the student experience for all students studying at our University.

Student Representation

  • A staple of my campaign would be standardizing the representation system so that all courses and schools are receiving the same opportunities to have their voices heard and a forum in which to give their feedback knowing it will be used to improve their courses and university life.
  • I will also push to have the university improve the information provided on timetables and modules so that all students can make informed decisions when choosing what courses and modules to study.
  • I will seek to improve the support offered to third year students with regards to what career and advancement options they have available to them.


In my time at the University I have held the position of course rep and am currently one of the School Reps for the Humanities school, and while the representation system at the university has come a long way it is my intention to further improve this system to ensure that all students are receiving equal representation and the opportunity to have their say.