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Candidate for the position of Vice President Education

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It's all about YOU.

I am OJ BAMIRO, an MBA student here at the University of Worcester, and I am running to be your VP Education. I was a student representative and I am currently volunteering as an SU crew. This position is all about YOU; yes YOU; so that your voice is heard. I believe I can help bring the change you want by working together on all things related to your education. If I get elected, the following will be my focus;

I will ensure that the University is reminded of the importance of engaging with more national employers during and after the annual careers fair.
Student Engagement and Motivation
• An introduction of a sponsored Bi-annual business proposal competition, debate competitions, pop quiz in all campuses.


Student Empowerment
• An introduction of a final year and post graduate annual conference.
• I will advocate for the creation  of a support team to provide networking, counselling, mentoring and guidance for Entrepreneurial students; and also the re-introduction of the entrepreneurship visa to motivate international business students  before and after graduation
• I will advocate to put an end into bunching assessment or exam deadlines, that are currently experienced by many students and also promote the language centre and ensure its availability across all campuses.


Please vote OJ Bamiro  #1 as your VP Education.