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Candidate for the position of Welfare Officer

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Christopher Wolff

Making the world a better place since 1995.

Third Year Entrepreneurship Student and Glam Events Manager

The mental and physical well-being of others has always been important to me. Mental health is particuarly something that I plan to work with in the future and I see this as the perfect opportunity to get first hand experience in tackling modern day issues on the subject. I like to think of myself as someone that is experienced in marketing and raising awareness for upcoming events in Worcester, so now I plan to use that experience and help raise awareness for students that need help.

- I would like to set up regular drop in sessions for students to come and vent their feelings alongside one another, creating a diverse group from different backgrounds.

- I would also like to create awareness for the support and help already provided by the university. 

- Also at the top of my agenda would be to create an online group on social media for students and volunteers to help each other in times of need. I understand that sometimes we need help more instantly and waiting a week to speak to a councilor isn't always an option. 

- Finally, I want to be the voice for the students that are too afraid to speak up on issues they're having, be that, mental health, financial, racism, or bullying.

I genuinely believe no one should have to struggle alone, there is help out there, sometimes you just need a bit of guidance on where to find it.