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Candidate for the position of Student Disability Officer



Hello! My name is Kaya!


I would like to create more awareness about disability at the University of Worcester.


I will be trying to achieve this by organising events where staff from the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB).  They can bring in specialised equipment and also advise people with disabilities.


In addition, I will be trying to create more awareness of Mental Health. I will try to make this happen by creating an event.


In addition, I will be inviting specialists to come in to talk about and teach sign language and Braille. 


Also I will be organising relaxed events where anyone can go to. During these events there will be snacks and drinks. Everyone will be able to talk about how to cope with having a disability. We can all advise each other.


Finally, I will be inviting Access to Work to meet with some students with disabilities. Access to Work provide equipment and support for those who are disabled and are employed. 


Let’s create the positivity for disability today!