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Candidate for the position of NUS Conference Delegate



Vote For Euan To Be Your NUS Delegate. A determined voice for Worcester Students' Union on the national stage.

This is my second year in office as your VP Education and the second year I am running to be one of Worcester Students’ Union’s delegates at the NUS national conference.

With the political backdrop that includes a new regulator, Brexit and debates around tuition fees to name a few I believe it is more vital than ever that we have a strong NUS that truly represents and engages the student voice in the national debate.

In my last campaign, I promised to actively support NUS moves to campaign for student rights and opportunities post-Brexit. I voted in favour of NUS supporting the Peoples Vote Campaign and have since passed a motion with student council aligning WSU with NUS. We will now be sending students to the national march in London. Students have power and we need a strong national union to lead on national issues like this in order to hold politicians accountable.

It’s too early to predict the conference agenda in this turbulent political atmosphere. However, whatever these prevailing conditions are when the conference takes place, I would in general support:

  • An NUS that represent all member unions whatever their size and construct.
  • An NUS that improves communication with students and highlights the facts on the issues we face.
  • An NUS that works collaboratively to improve the financial situation of students.
  • An NUS that will strive to ensure that politicians deliver the promises they make.