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Run by students, for students – what difference will you make?

Candidate for the position of Sustainability Officer



Who I am?

I am Connor Egan, a third year Physical geography student. In the past I volunteered for Sustainability Officer, Course Representative and Go Green Week. Worcester is a city, which aims to work towards sustainable development and I want students to be aware of how they can contribute to sustainable development at the University of Worcester.


Why vote for me?

I will ensure sustainability is promoted throughout the university and I will represent the students, ensuring that they live on a sustainable campus throughout their degree.  I already have experience of working with the Student’s Union and I have people’s sustainable views with me. With your opinions I can continue to make the university a more sustainable place for all students. 


What I hope to achieve

·         I have a range of ideas on how I will fulfil my role:

·         Bring an awareness of sustainability to students through events, such as Go Green Week.

·         Promote the views of students and staff on sustainability through the Student’s Union.

·         Ensure all campuses are made sustainable for all, through campaigns that I will carry out including a No Plastics campaign.

·         I will also encourage students to take part in dealing with important issues including energy, re-usage and recycling. This will help students gain a better understanding of how you they can contribute to sustainable development.