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Sophie Glenny - Vice President Student Activities

A 'wheelie' good time

Last night the officers and staff members at the Students’ Union got together to take part in Sports Partnership’s ‘Workplace Challenge Wheelchair Basketball’ tournament. Initially just a crazy idea thrown in from the Finance Manager, we (or the ‘SU Wobblers’ as we are now known) suddenly found ourselves right in the middle of a real game down at the Arena late yesterday evening.

Paperwork being filled in (Jade taking control) and Euan running onto the court, it was time to practise! I may be biased when I say we didn’t look too rusty, and although Jade was getting hit left, right and centre, more baskets were being scored as the competitive side came out in everyone (even Tim). With our wheelchair basketball tops on, we definitely looked the part (after a hard day’s work as well, I might add). One of the opposition teams even said they thought we were professionals.


After a great start, with a 6-3 win, our hopes were set on gold. We then began to falter slightly, however, losing the next two games and eventually finishing third in our group and 5th overall. We put up a good fight, though! Not bad for our first attempt. Despite the loss we had an amazing night with even more amazing people and with a little practise before next year, we’ll undoubtedly be in medal contention.

So, next up for us is rounders in a few weeks and following on from that, mixed netball in October. Go #TeamWorc

Sophie Glenny, Vice President Student Activities


Jade Haley
5:08pm on 10 Aug 17 So much fun!
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