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What is TeamWorc Committee?

TeamWorc Committee provides platform for feedback and discussion for our affiliated societies, sports clubs and RAG. It provides a voice for these groups within the SU structure and gives clubs and societies the ability input on how they are run as well as a forum where they can work together to deliver joint activities and promote what they do to the wider student body.

You can find the terms of reference here (coming soon).

Members of TeamWorc Committee

TeamWorc Committee is chaired by the Vice President Student Activities and made up of the committee members from RAG, Sports Clubs and Societies. Each student group will have one vote per group.

Meeting Dates

TeamWorc Committee meets a minimum of four times a year. The dates for this year's meetings are as follows:

  • Thursday 1st October 2020 1pm
  • Wednesday 25th November 2020 1pm
  • Monday 30th November 2020 12:30pm (Chair Catch Up)
  • Thursday 28th January 2021 1pm
  • Tuesday 16th March 2021 1pm (Chair Catch Up)