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Worcester Students’ Union backs a People’s Vote

 On Thursday 27 September, Student Council approved a motion for Worcester Students’ Union to support the campaign for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal and called on our students to join fellow students from Unions affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS) on Saturday 20 October in London for the People's Vote March and is now supporting the work to lobby our Members of Parliament (MPs) to Write This Wrong and will be supporting students to email their own MP.

 Passing the motion meanthat Worcester Students’ Union will now align with NUS to support the campaign for a People’s Vote and a final say on Brexit. NUS voted to support a People’s Vote at its National Conference 2018 in Glasgow. After Worcester delegates voted in favour of the motion at the National Conference, it required support from Student Council for it to become an official position.

 Student Council noted that leaving the EU would have a number of impacts for our students including academic mobility, such as the Erasmus+ scheme which offers opportunities for not only Higher Educations (HE) students but apprentices, volunteers, academics and young people to study, work, volunteer, teach and train across Europe.

 Student Council believes that whether students voted leave or remain, nobody voted to damage the prospects of our graduates, make this country worse off, to harm jobs, to damage the NHS, to affect the future of millions of young people, or to make this country more divided. The motion also held the viewpoint that, given the current state of negotiations and with a no-deal Brexit becoming increasingly more likely, students should have a final say on how or if we leave given the likely impact of Brexit on HE, the economy and wider society.