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As a School Rep, you are expected to represent your School at all meetings shown in the above diagram.
3 School Rep meetings are organised by the Students' Union (Education Council, School Rep Forums, and Course Rep Forums). We have added the dates and location for these meetings at the bottom of this webpage. Your School will organise all other meetings listed so make sure you speak with your SERCC so that you know when these are taking place. 


Meetings that School Reps attend:


Education Council

  • Monday 15 October 2018 17:15-18:15 EEG020
  • Wednesday 28 November 2018 10:00-11:00 PN1014
  • Tuesday 22 January 2019 13:30-14:30 PNG009
  • Monday 11 February 2019 17:15-18:15 EEG020
  • Friday 29 March 2019 12:15-13:15 MH1004
  • Monday 29 April 2019 10:15-11:15 EE2033
  • Monday 20 May 2019 10:00-11:00 EEG020

School Rep Forums

  • Friday 12 October 12:45-14:15 PNG009 (PVCS, SU, School Reps and SERCCs)
  • Tuesday 4 December 13:15-14:15 EE2035 (PVCS, SU and School Reps only)
  • Monday 18 February 13:15-14:15 EEG131 (PVCS, SU and School Reps only)
  • Thursday 4 April 12:45-14:15 BY1147 (PVCS, SU, School Reps and SERCCs)

Course Rep Forums 

  • Monday 25 March 13:15-14:15 Cotswold A 


If, for any reason, you are unable to attend Education Council or the School Rep Forum, please email Jodie at with your apologies.