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Please see the below table for all the successes that have come from the Ideas Forum.

Click on a category for the full list of ideas recieved and the actions that have currently been taken for each of these ideas. Each category will list every single idea submitted on the Ideas Forum that has recieved at least 25 up-votes. (coming soon)

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Idea Submitted Action Taken/Success

Night out buses (local communities)

News coming soon (we're currently working on this!)

Have an end of year event in May (your SU) The SU are trialling an end of year event, taking place in Celebration Week in May 2019
Bring back karaoke every week or at least every other week (your SU) The Hangar are merging Pie and Pint Night with Karaoke so that Karaoke nights can be more frequent
More deals in The Hangar (your SU) Promotion of deals e.g. Happy Hour, discount cards, and 241 cocktails on social media and the SU website 
SU to offer fitness classes (your SU) Fitness classes take place on campus. The McClelland Centre at City Campus holds regular fitness classes including Pilates, Yoga, and HIIT
Organise a student bake off (your SU) After Change Week, the SU held a fairtrade bake off but only recieved two submissions. This is something that could be held again in the future if this is something students wanted.
Have a dedicated space at City Campus (your SU)

The SU's Academic and Welfare Advisor works at Charles Hastings every Thursday for students to book appointments with. 

Student Services (the fancy a cuppa campaign and firstpoint) will be at City Campus on a weekly basis.

The SU have held events in the Hastings Cafe in the past but these have been poorly attended.

Improving engagement at City Campus is one of the SU's core goals and so this is something the SU will try to improve over the next academic year.

SU to work to increase the profile of societies (non-sports) (your SU) The SU held Societies Week to showcase Society profiles. The SU also include Societies in Team Worc TV episodes. The VPSA will continue to work to ensure that Societies know that they can use the SU advertising platforms avaliable to showcase themselves and any events they have organised.
More copies of physical core textbooks (academic experiences) Lecturers have been asked to draw out essential and core reading lists to ensure that these textbooks are either avaliable in the Library or are avaliable as e-books to students
A nap room or sleeping pods on campus (campus and facilities) The newly elect President has this idea on their manifesto. It is expected to have plans in place in 2019-20.
Water fountain in Peirson upstairs (campus and facilities) There is a water fountain upstairs in Peirson
More open desk space for laptops in Peirson (campus and facilities)

For a quick fix, Facilities have agreed to put plug sockets on tables in Peirson.

Facilities are also offering the dining hall as an additional study space during busier periods. Facilities are looking into the possibility of booking rooms in Edward Elgar and offering those rooms to students as access control silent study spaces. Meeting rooms were avaliable for students to use on a first come first serve basis in The Hive over the assessment weeks and the dissertation deadline week. 

SU to investigate car parking avaliability and payment methods e.g. paying with a card or phone (campus and facilities) Card payments are now avaliable 
More charging points in seminar rooms and lecture halls (campus and facilities) The Vice Chancellor has said that the university will ensure all future developments in seminar rooms and lecture halls will have extra plug sockets 
Cafe open in the evening (campus and facilities) Facilities are keeping the Cafe open longer during busier periods e.g. dissertation week
Have soya milk avaliable (campus and facilities)

Soya milk is avaliable. 

Aramark (the catering company) is advertising this at the moment.

Table football on campus (campus and facilities) Table football will be set up either in Union Square (St John's Campus) or outside on the green at City Campus. This will be advertised to students once put in place. There will also be table tennis put in at City Campus due to how popular it has been on Union Square.
Make card payments an option for car parking machines (campus and facilities) Card payments is now avaliable 
Toaster in the SU (campus and facilities) Toaster in the SU will be put in place ready for the 2019-20 academic year 
More pet therapy sessions (student life and support) Student Services hold additional fancy a cuppa sessions at City Campus every week (and pets as therapy dogs join in every other week).
Hold fancy a cuppa in different places e.g. at City (student life and support) Student Services now hold weekly fancy a cuppas at City Campus