Your Voice

Run by students, for students – what difference will you make?

The Big Worc Survey returned in May 2019 to find out what our students really want from their SU. We had a fantastic response rate with students providing feedback on a range of topics, from SU campaigns to The Hangar bar to democracy and representation. 

We're pleased to say that results from the survey were largely positive, and we're confident we're moving in the right direction and giving students the best experience possible during their time here. We're also determined to keep improving our services, how they are delivered, and how they are promoted, in line with feedback from our students. The findings of the survey correlate with our Strategic Plan and 5 Core Goals, which suggests we are heading in the right direction. 

You can view a full report of the Big Worc Survey here.

Below is a summary of just a few of the results.