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Worcester Students' Union strongly supports pro-environmental initiatives and ethical procurement in its operations for a sustainable future. Some of this is achieved through adopting the University of Worcester‘s sustainability policy.



The Last Straw

In 2018 for 'Dissy Day' we chose to launch 'The Last Straw' campaign'. With a clear national issue on plastic wastage we are felt we needed to join the campaign and ban single-use straws from The Hangar. For the duration of the campaign there was no single use straws in ‘The Hangar’. The campaign focused on raising awareness within our student demographic around plastic wastage. The campaign will continue to be a focus of the SU with the work of banning all single use plastic throughout the unversity. 


Food Swap Shop

Over 7,000 students are unable to recycle food in their halls and our left with unwanted food items going to waste. The SU 2016/17 Part Time Sustainability Officer organised a 'Food Swap Shop' scheme to able students to donate unwanted food items. So that tin curry that students might of had Semester One and any other unwanted tinned or dried food sitting unused in the cupboard, could be brought into the Students' Union and then etihe swapped for something else or donated to the local food bank. 


Green Impact


Worcester Students' Union is continuing its work maintaining its achievements in the NUS Green Impact Award each academic year. As such, the Union has recognised its environmental aspects and impacts and areas where improvement is required and where continuing work is addressing these issues.
Click on the links below for files documenting our Green Impact work from 2017-18 Academic Year. 


Green Impact Awarded




Very Good


Very Good


Bike Loan Scheme

Woo Bike Share offers a great deal to students and staff who want to get about on two wheels.  The 100 bike fleet has 50 pedal bikes and 50 electric e-bikes.

Why cycle to University?

Cycling is a convenient basis, so be quick.

How does the Woo Bike Share scheme work?

  1. Students and staff join by paying a £45 annual membership via the online Woo Bikes system
  2. To start your membership, collect your FREE helmet and lights from the Bike Shop  
  3. Collect the key from any 24/7 hub City or St Johns's reception 
  4. Hire pedal bikes up to 7 days at no extra cost and e-bikes for 24 hours. 
  5. After you've used it, return to bike to any of our hubs and hand in the key (and battery for e-bikes

To sign up, visit the following link: https://www.worcester.ac.uk/discover/bike-share.html



Car Share

What would you do with an extra £974 a year? That’s how much a typical commuter saves when they car-share to work. The university is reducing its carbon footprint – and helping its staff and students save money through its established car-sharing scheme. The free-to-use online system, which is designed to cut travel costs as well as local congestion and pollution, enables its members to share lifts to any destination.

Sign-up for free here

NUS Responsible Futures

Responsible Futures is certification of a whole institution’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability (SRS), spanning the formal and informal curriculum, applicable to both further and higher education. The Responsible Futures certification indicates the institution has an enabling environment for SRS to thrive, rather than an endpoint. SRS covers not only looks at environmental sustainability but wider society in relation to ethics, wellbeing, social justice, global citizenship and moral responsibility.

Depending on the number of criteria the institution completes, they can achieve either: a working towards Responsible Futures or Responsible Futures Accreditation. Having participating in Responsible Futures this year the institution will need an audit to verify their level of achievement. 

The University of Worcester and Worcester Students’ Union were one of just 13 pilot institutions which help set up RF in 2012. In 2015 we scored an impressive 234.5/260 to obtain the accreditation for the last three years. In 2018-19 we had to be audited again to receive our reaccreditation for Responsible Futures, on this occasion we scored 267/330.

For more information about responsible Futures please contact  Worcester SU President Lucy Conn or the Director of Sustainability for the University Katy Boom

Click here to read the report on student and staff attitudes to sustainability. 



The Students’ Union currently recycles paper, card, plastics and glass working. It also works very closely with the City Council recycling officers in supporting and educating students who live off campus. The Union uses only recycled paper.

We also actively promote how you can recycle in your halls, houses, the SU building and around the university, see the student’s guides to recycling at St John’s and City and Off-campus.

Find out more about recycling on campus, click here



The Students’ Union is committed to energy saving. You can help. Students in halls can take part in the Energy Saving campaign Student-Switch Off and win prizes! Save on bills by making sure you only use electricity and heating when you need it, and wherever you live stick to the 10 Golden Rules.

Energize Worcester

Energize Worcester is working with local students, the National Union of Students, landlords, and Worcester, Bosch Group Ltd to tackle energy efficiency in rented student houses. 

It aims to:

  1. Save you money by reducing your household energy bill;
  2. Improve your health by providing a warm home to live in;
  3. Protect our environment as a result of our efforts.

Read more here: http://energize-worcester.co.uk/ or here: http://susthingsout.com/index.php/energize-worcester-phase-ii/ 

Go Green Week 

Go Green Week is University on campus national week of action on climate change.  Go Green Week brings together a range of fun activities to transform campus life for one week in February and is designed and delivered by the SUST1001 first year students, but anyone can join in and help. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn events organisation skills first hand.  

Read all about our previous Go Green Weeks and how you could get involved


How to get Involved

Want to develop skills in sustainability, get professional accredited training. There are a range of opportunities for students. You can find them all here: https://www.worcester.ac.uk/discover/sustainability-what-you-can-do.html