SU Sustainability

Worcester Students' Union strongly supports pro-environmental initiatives and ethical procurement in its operations for a sustainable future. Some of this is achieved through adopting the University of Worcester‘s sustainability policy.


Food Swap Shop

Over 7,000 students are unable to recycle food in their halls and our left with unwanted food items going to waste. Your 2016/17 Part Time Sustainability Officer organised a 'Food Swap Shop' scheme to able students to donate unwanted food items. So that tin curry that students might of had Semester One and any other unwanted tinned or dried food sitting unused in the cupboard, could be brought into the Students' Union and then etihe swapped for something else or donated to the local food bank. 


Green Impact


Worcester Students' Union is continuing its work maintaining its achievements in the NUS Green Impact Award in the 2017/18 Academic Year. As such, the Union has recognised its environmental aspects and impacts and areas where improvement is required and where continuing work is addressing these issues.
In 2016/17 we were awarded Very Good and are aiming to achieve the same again this year! 
Click on the links below for files documenting our Green Impact work from 2015/16 Academic Year. 
In 2015, Worcester Students' Union gained a hard-earned Excellence in the Green Impact Award 2014-15 (pictured); a step up from the Gold achievement awarded the previous two years.

In similar news, in The People & Planet's University Green League 2015, the University of Worcester raised the bar again, moving up the rankings further to become the Second Greenest university in the UK (out of 151 participating Institutions)


The Nature Society

The Nature Society carry out regular environmental work with the local community, working with both charities and the local council. They also strive to highlight environmental issues to the rest of the University.

For more information on the university's sustainability achievements, click here.

If you would like to hear about current actions or have any issues or recommendations for making the Students’ Union more sustainable contact 

Student Attitudes and Values Survey 2016 

The Studnets' Union  worked closely with the University Sustainability Team to help gather student data in regards to their values and attitudes towards the environment. The 2016 student attitudes survey saw over 2,000 student responses. You can few just some of the data here

Bike Loan Scheme

Cycling is a low cost way to get healthier and happier. Cycling 2 miles takes about 15 minutes, making it one of the quickest ways to get between University of Worcester campuses and through the city.

All students and staff can join the bike loan scheme, no matter whether new or existing, undergraduate or postgraduate, full-time or part-time, home, EU or International.

Car Share

What would you do with an extra £974 a year? That’s how much a typical commuter saves when they car-share to work. The university is reducing its carbon footprint – and helping its staff and students save money through its established car-sharing scheme. The free-to-use online system, which is designed to cut travel costs as well as local congestion and pollution, enables its members to share lifts to any destination.

Sign-up for free here

NUS Responsible Futures

Responsible Future is certification of a whole institution's commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability, and having an enabling environment for it to thrive, rather than an endpoint. University of Worcester and Worcester Students Union join other 13 institions across the UK took part of the pilot scheme. 

To obtain the accreditation, UW and WSU will be audited by students and staff from partner institution as well as auditors from the NUS.  We have scored an impressive 234.5 (total points available is 260) to obtain the accreditation for the next three years. For more information about responsible Futures please contact  Worcester SU President Jade Haley.  


The Students’ Union currently recycles paper, card, plastics and glass working. It also works very closely with the City Council recycling officers in supporting and educating students who live off campus. The Union uses only recycled paper.

We also actively promote how you can recycle in your halls, houses, the SU building and around the university, see the student’s guides to recycling at St John’s and City and Off-campus.

Find out more about recycling on campus, click here

Allotments and Herb Gardens

Want free food; need to flavour your dishes when cooking in halls? The Students’ Union supports the use of allotments and herb gardens on campus. For more information, click here.

Find out where the herb beds and allotments are, click here

Ethical Produce

The Students’ Union shop stocks a range of Fair-trade produce, including chocolate, drinks, and snacks. 

Our catering suppliers in the The Hangar have a sustainable food policy and are committed to supplying Fair-trade produce and are adding more items every year!


The Students’ Union is committed to energy saving. You can help. Students in halls can take part in the Energy Saving campaign Student-Switch Off and win prizes! Save on bills by making sure you only use electricity and heating when you need it, and wherever you live stick to the 10 Golden Rules.

Go Green Week 2018

Go Green Week is the People & Planet’s annual national week of action on climate change in schools, colleges and universities.  Go Green Week brings together a range of fun activities to transform campus life for one week a year.  The week is planned and organised by students, so it’s the perfect opportunity to learn events organisation skills first hand. Worcester Students' Union is always involved in these activities, from hosting events and fairs to volunteering. 


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