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Representing and supporting students to develop and achieve

Our Vision

Representing and supporting students to develop and achieve.

Our Values


We will conduct and present ourselves to our students and stakeholders in a professional manner, ensuring we have sound organisational processes and procedures, as well as internal expertise to support the student leadership.


We will lead by example and provide our students with inspiration to reach their full potential and try new things.


We will ensure that our students and stakeholders know how we utilise our funds and make decisions through our democratic structure, and how they can get involved.


We will ensure that the services and events we deliver achieve high levels of student satisfaction and that students are integral to our continuous improvement.


We will be positive about Worcester and what it can offer students, promoting how we can help and support them.


We will have fun and help students have great memories of their time at Worcester.

Our Operational Plan 2021-22

The Union had a five-year strategic plan, which started in June 2016 that took us up to July 2021. We reviewed the plan each year with the new officer teams - in summer 2017 with Jade, Euan, and Sophie, in summer 2018 with Lucy, Euan, and Harrison, in summer 2019 with Harry (Lonsdale), Mike, and Meg, and then finally in summer 2020 with Meg, Harry (South), and Tish. You can see how we did in the final year of this ambitious plan hereWe have colour-coded the progress column (Green = achieved/completed/did well at, Amber = good progress but still in development/ongoing, Red = little or no progress). 

As this five-year plan was coming to an end we were still emerging from the Covid-19 pandemic and life was very uncertain in many respects, including socially, financially, and environmentally.  At times there were weekly changes to government regulations.  The Trustee Board, therefore, took the decision that it was not the right time to set a new longer-term strategy but asked the Union team to devise an interim 1-year operational plan as an alternative. This reflected how strange the world was at the time and the fact that it would be much more challenging for the Union to properly consult with students, its members, which is a fundamental part of us devising a new strategy and deciding what we need to focus on.  You can see details of the our Operational Plan 2021/22 here.

The Union will start the process from Autumn 2022 of devising a new longer-term strategic plan and will consult with students extensively as part of this.  The officer and staff team will draw up an Operational Plan for the academic year 2022/23 in summer 2022 when Al, Gemma, and Meg come into office and we will then work towards that during the year, whilst we develop our new strategy in the background. We hope to have a new longer-term strategic plan ready to publish by September 2023.

In March 2018, the Students’ Union’s Board approved some overarching KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for the Union. These were developed by the staff and officer team of the Union and were linked to the Union’s Strategic Plan and Core Goals (2016-21). The KPIs were measured by a variety of means and monitored year on year until 2021. You can view our KPIs and our progress towards meeting them each year (and what data we used to measure them) here.  We will review these KPIs when we set our new Strategic Plan for the organisation in the coming months.