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Welcome to Worcester!

We’re really pleased you’re here and part of the University of Worcester community. As an officer team, we have put together some of our favourite things that have helped us through the last year! We hope you enjoy our recommendations for music, British TV classics, and some amazing places to visit in Worcester after your quarantine is over. But first, learn a little more about us and what we will be doing for you over the next year:

Our top TV recommendations

Here are some of our favourite TV series will give you a taste of 2000s British culture:


Gavin and Stacy
This feel-good family classic follows the story of a couple divided by a country line and an overpriced toll bridge. What I love about Gavin and Stacy is the interesting variety of family and friends that steal the show in every episode. This is a classic British comedy with a huge heart and something I’m sure you’ll hear referenced throughout your time at university!

A gritty detective drama based on the Arthur Conan-Doyle novels, it’s fast paced, quick-witted, and action packed - so if you are into a crime thriller, you’ll love this!

Friday Night Dinner
A hilarious sitcom series set around a Jewish family’s regular Friday night dinner. This show has a great cast and some of the best one-liners. It’s packed with comedy moments and quirky characters that will keep you laughing from start to finish! 


Killing Eve
This gripping British spy-thriller showcases the unique obsession that the two main characters, a British intelligence officer and a psychopathic assassin, share for each other. It features incredible acting and plenty of tense moments that will keep you hooked until the very end. It’s the perfect series to binge because you won’t be able to stop watching.

This is England
An Intense and emotional drama, set in 1980s England, showcasing the gritty situations that life can present and how loyal friendships can pull you through the darkest of times. This one isn’t for the faint-hearted, but it is one of my favourite TV shows!

An Idiot Abroad
A comedic series following an oblivious, un-cultured Englishman (with a very round head) on his travels around the world. This show showcases the humour in the ignorance of the stereotypical and cynical ‘Englishman’


Downton Abbey
My guiltiest pleasure. Follow the Crawley Family during the scandals of the 1920’s. Peak into the lives of the English aristocratic society, and their downstairs servant counterparts, as they make their way through the turn of the century.

If you’ve ever watched Highschool Musical, then you probably had very high expectations of becoming a teenager. Skins, is just like that. Minus the singing, American accent, and happy endings. This coming-of-age series, follows a group of misfit teens in Bristol as they find their way in the world.

Peaky Blinders
Another period drama alert! I might be slightly biased on this one, as its set in my hometown. Peaky blinders introduces us to the Shelby Brothers, who rule their town of Small Heath, Birmingham. Based on real events and people in the roaring 20’s, we are thrown into the back street bookies and secret rings that governed this town. It also has a banging sound track.

Officer Playlists

We've put together Officer playlists (and a couple of others) that are the perfect addition to improve your day.

Liam’s Uplifting Listening
My playlist is jam packed with feel-good hits! This eclectic mix is full of my favourite music that will definitely lift your mood. Enjoy!

Rag – Rag’s Rainy Day
My playlist is perfect for one of those days that you just want to wrap yourself up in the warmest clothes that you have and chill out. Its perfect background music for reading or studying.

Neve – Neve’s Nineties
I’m throwing it back 20+ years with my playlist. These tunes are designed for you to say ‘I haven’t heard this song in years!’ out loud.

Click here to head over to our Spotify profile and give our playlists a listen.

Where to go in in Worcester

Francini's is an amazing coffee shop out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the City Centre – It has amazing coffee and unique décor that is perfect for your Instagram!

Tramps Nightclub is the official partner of the SU and is great for a night out with your friends. It is a lot of fun and they host regular student nights, not forgetting that their connection with the Students’ Union means that they are a safe place for students.

This beautiful and peaceful building that was built between 1084 and 1504 and is packed with beautiful features and a rich history. You should definitely explore this Worcester landmark when you can!

The river & Diglis
The walk around the River Severn is a lovely way to spend an afternoon out of the house. You will see swans, natural landscapes and the beautiful Diglis Basin and bridge.

Gheluvelt Park
This green slice of heaven is found just outside of the city centre and will transport you to a place of rest and tranquillity. The park also features a tennis court and an outdoor gym for if you want to workout for free after your quarantine period.

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