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Celebration Week 2022

Congratulations to all recipients of TeamWorc Honours! For a full list of bronze, silver and gold honours see the lists below. The list is alphabetical by student group.

As well as TeamWorc Honours we also handed out Half Colours and Full Colours to recognise sporting success over the academic year. The recipients of colours are included in the list below.

You can collect your honours/colours badge from the SU Welcome Desk between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday


American Football Bronze Freya-Mae Avery
American Football Silver Harvey Maggs
American Football Bronze Liam Sharp
American Football Silver Lukas Baud
American Football Silver Robin Wollberg
American Football Gold William Woolgar
Archery Full Colours Phoebe Paterson Pine
Athletics Bronze Eliska Spilkova
Athletics Bronze Emma Cavendish-Tribe
Athletics Gold Jack Lambert
Athletics Bronze Kate Raven
Athletics Bronze Katie Clarke
Athletics and Swimming Gold Lauren Wright
Badminton Gold Akshay Patel
Badminton Silver George Suliauskas
Badminton Silver Ira Spiridonova
Badminton Silver Thea Harrhy
BAME Students Network Silver Jayvardhan Bisht
Biology  Gold  Abigail Dutton 
Biology  Gold  Gemma Allcott 
Biology  Bronze  Leyton Cave 
Biology  Bronze  Luke (Harley) Atkinson 
Biology  Silver  Megan Reynolds 
Biology  Bronze  Mia Radinovic 
Boxing Bronze Abigail Cooke
Boxing Gold Callum Summerfield
Boxing Bronze Jakob Adshead
Boxing Silver Joseph Burfitt
Boxing Silver Joseph Hathaway-Saunders
Boxing Silver Mac Weekley
Cheerleading Gold Daisy Dymond
Cheerleading Bronze Daisy Watters
Cheerleading Silver Danielle Spry
Cheerleading Silver Drew Wiggins
Cheerleading Bronze Evie McClung
Cheerleading Bronze Georgia White
Cheerleading Silver Hannah Sankar
Cheerleading Bronze Hannah Tate
Cheerleading Full Colours Harriet Bailey
Cheerleading Silver Harriet Bailey
Cheerleading Bronze Isabella Willman
Cheerleading Bronze Kara Turnham
Cheerleading Bronze Katie Jones
Cheerleading Bronze Katie Stock
Cheerleading Bronze Kimberly Mandimutsira
Cheerleading Silver Leah Jefferies
Cheerleading Bronze Lili Wakefield
Cheerleading Silver Megan Brandon
Cheerleading Silver Megan Parker
Cheerleading Silver Nicole Drew
Cheerleading Bronze Phoebe Boundy
Cheerleading Silver Rebecca Wright
Cheerleading Bronze Romy Jones
Cheerleading and Loco Show Co. Bronze Katerina Choutkova
Cricket WCCC Half Colours Adam Finch
Dance Gold Charlotte Young
Dance Silver Ella Brettle
Dance Gold Hannah Wildman
Dance Gold Isobel Banks
Dance Silver Jamie Bird
Dance Silver Jess Lamb
Dance Bronze Jessica Cleary
Dance Silver Jessica Davies
Dance Silver Kristyna Kokrdova
Dance Silver Lauren Frankland
Dance Silver Libby Danvers
Dance Silver Margaux Lucas
Dance Gold Megan Ince
Dance Silver Melanie Gibbs
Dance Silver Molly Weatherley
Dance Bronze Riannon Parson
Dance Silver Simon Lucas
Dance Silver Stephen Drew
Dance Silver Willow-Brooke Hunt-Trezise
Disabled Students Network Silver Anwen Jeffreys
Disabled Students Network Silver Archie Eaton
Disabled Students Network Silver William Bannister
Education Enhancement  Bronze Charlotte Freeman 
Education Enhancement  Silver Emily Cartwright 
Education Enhancement  Gold  Emma Parkes 
Education Enhancement  Silver Isabella Riley 
Education Enhancement  Bronze Jessica Morgan 
Education Enhancement  Bronze Lauren Harriott 
Education Enhancement  Gold  Lucie Beard 
Equestrian Bronze Anna Dobbie
Equestrian Bronze Ashleigh Robinson
Equestrian Bronze Charlotte Laffan
Equestrian Bronze Csenga Barna
Equestrian Half Colours Csenga Barna
Equestrian Silver Dorothea Moriarty
Equestrian Half Colours Ella Humphreys
Equestrian Bronze Ella Miall
Equestrian Half Colours Ella Miall
Equestrian Gold Ellie Davis
Equestrian Gold Fionn Crinson
Equestrian Half Colours Fionn Crinson
Equestrian Silver Katharine Fletcher
Equestrian Bronze Maddison Watson
Equestrian Bronze Maria Dawes
Equestrian Half Colours Millicent Cooper
Equestrian Half Colours Sophie Di Mambro
Equestrian Silver Sophie Di Mambro
Fencing Full Colours Abigail Watkins
International Students Network Bronze Petra Raitaniemi
Knit 'n' Knatter  Silver  Chantel Taylor 
Knit 'n' Knatter and Loco Show Co. Gold Al Linforth 
Knit 'n' Knatter and Loco Show Co. Silver  Eleanor Grahamsley 
Knit 'n' Knatter and Loco Show Co. Gold Lucy Grace 
LGBTQ+ Students Network Gold Andrew Humphry
LGBTQ+ Students Network Gold Eve Baker-Sullivan
LGBTQ+ Students Network Bronze Verena Katajisto
Loco Show Co. Bronze Augusta Cosgrove
Loco Show Co. Gold Bethan Hiatt
Loco Show Co. Gold Isobel Price
Loco Show Co. Silver Sam Downes
Loco Show Co. Bronze Sophia Cross
Loco Show Co. and Dance Gold Aadil Din
Loco Show Co. and Knit 'n' Knatter  Gold Sarah Stanley 
Marathon Kayak Full Colours Matthew Collinge
Mature, Parents and Carers Student Network Bronze Daniel Yates
Mature, Parents and Carers Student Network Gold Emma Banks
Mature, Parents and Carers Student Network Silver Joseph Horgan
Men's Basketball Half Colours Bruno Garcia Dominguez
Men's Basketball Half Colours David Ali Lauzzana
Men's Basketball Half Colours Drew Clark
Men's Basketball Half Colours Ian Vivero Rodriguez
Men's Basketball Bronze John Lenton-Jinks
Men's Basketball Half Colours John Lenton-Jinks
Men's Basketball Half Colours Kieran Lee
Men's Basketball Half Colours Lucas McGregor
Men's Basketball Half Colours Matei Balteanu
Men's Basketball Bronze Nathan Ramsdale-Owen
Men's Basketball Half Colours Nathan Ramsdale-Owen
Men's Basketball Half Colours Sergi Estany Sanchez
Men's Basketball Half Colours Shaun Parren-Rackley
Men's Basketball Half Colours Thomas Grayling
Men's Basketball Half Colours Wilfred Santhe
Men's Cricket Gold Andrew Hattey
Men's Cricket Half Colours Andrew Hattey
Men's Cricket Bronze Ben Haworth
Men's Cricket Half Colours Ben Haworth
Men's Cricket Half Colours Charana Nanayakkara
Men's Cricket Gold Connor Martin
Men's Cricket Half Colours Dominic O'Reilly
Men's Cricket Silver Dominic O'Reilly
Men's Cricket Bronze George Green
Men's Cricket Half Colours Jacob Hockey
Men's Cricket Half Colours Jacob Ward
Men's Cricket Half Colours James Rogers
Men's Cricket Silver Japser Bowry
Men's Cricket Half Colours Matthew Davis
Men's Cricket Silver Matthew Davis
Men's Cricket Half Colours Milan Laljani
Men's Cricket Half Colours Nicolas Buckle
Men's Cricket Half Colours Tom Higgs
Men's Cricket Silver Tom Higgs
Men's Football Half Colours Aaron Rymer
Men's Football Half Colours Adam Sewell
Men's Football Half Colours Andreas Nicolaou
Men's Football Half Colours Ben Ream
Men's Football Silver Callum Dark
Men's Football Half Colours Clay Whitson
Men's Football Half Colours Ethan Parker
Men's Football Half Colours George Mytton
Men's Football Half Colours Jack Downs
Men's Football Silver Jai Felstead
Men's Football Half Colours Jake Hooper
Men's Football Silver James Litherland
Men's Football Half Colours James Ream
Men's Football Half Colours Jamie Woodland
Men's Football Gold Kyle De Garis
Men's Football Half Colours Lloyd Francis
Men's Football Half Colours Oliver Barnes
Men's Football Gold Regan Whapples
Men's Football Half Colours Rhys Warner
Men's Football Half Colours Sean Clarke
Men's Futsal Silver Antonio Cardoso
Men's Futsal Half Colours Ben Ashworth
Men's Futsal Silver Ben Ashworth
Men's Futsal Gold Gabriel Imaginario Lanca
Nature Society Silver Elizabeth McCann
Nature Society Bronze Laura Hughes
Nature Society and Sustainability Network Gold Anna Alexandra Laitnen
Netball Full Colours Abbey Cox
Netball Half Colours Abbey Cox
Netball Silver Abbey Cox
Netball Half Colours Abbie Smith
Netball Half Colours Amy Bradbury
Netball Half Colours Amy Robinson
Netball Bronze Anna Wells
Netball Half Colours Anna Wells
Netball Bronze Ehlana Drury
Netball Half Colours Ella Goodland
Netball Half Colours Emily Brooks
Netball Half Colours Emily Jones
Netball Full Colours Evie Stewart-Davis
Netball Gold Evie Stewart-Davis
Netball Bronze Grace Postlethwaite
Netball Bronze Grace Taylor
Netball Half Colours Grace Taylor
Netball Bronze Gwen Williams
Netball Gold Hope Bourton
Netball Silver Isobel Stapleton
Netball Silver Jade Crutchley
Netball Bronze Jaz Chester
Netball Half Colours Jordan Spedding
Netball Silver Jordan Spedding
Netball Half Colours Lauren Larcombe
Netball Half Colours Lauren Wilkinson
Netball Gold Lucy Herdman
Netball Half Colours Lucy Herdman
Netball Bronze Mackenzie Blackham
Netball Half Colours Mackenzie Blackham
Netball Half Colours Malkia Beadle
Netball Half Colours Megan Allen
Netball Bronze Molly Geehan
Netball Bronze Nadia Shah
Netball Half Colours Niamh Kinsella
Netball Half Colours Rachel Brooksbank
Netball Full Colours Renee Powell
Netball Half Colours Renee Powell
Netball Silver Taylor Watson
Netball Bronze Victoria Morris
Nigerian Society Bronze Adesola Oresile
Nigerian Society Silver Chisom Hilary Ikoku
Nigerian Society Gold Jessica Frimpong Boakye
Nigerian Society Bronze Josephine Adewole Akinbinu
Nigerian Society Bronze Ojoago Akoh-Itodo
Nigerian Society Gold Ronke Esther Akintan
Nigerian Society and BAME Network Gold Victoria Tanimowo
Physiotherapy Bronze Oliver Nightingale
Physiotherapy and Commuters Student Network Bronze Helen Phillips
Physiotherapy and Women's Rugby Gold Rebecca Price Jones
Poetry Society Silver Freddie Baker
Poetry Society Gold Hannah Edgar
Poetry Society Silver Niamh Baxter
Pole Fitness Bronze Abigail Aitken
Pole Fitness Bronze Amber Winspur
Pole Fitness Bronze Deanna Liveley
Pole Fitness Silver Elly-May Saxon
Pole Fitness Bronze Erin Boddice
Pole Fitness Silver Georgia Whitehouse
Pole Fitness Silver Kelly Price
Pole Fitness Bronze Molly Scotford
Pole Fitness Bronze Skyla Turner
Postgraduate Student Network Gold Harley Jean Simpson
Postgraduate Student Network Gold Theresa May
Rowing Gold Ellen Cook
Rowing Gold Eloise Ellis
Rowing Gold Katie Fox
Rowing Silver Ross Campbell
Social Sports Silver Jade Mitchell
Social Sports Bronze Luke Harris
Social Sports Silver Madelena Chaudhury-Patel
Social Sports Bronze Michael Curtis
Social Sports Bronze Sophie Nock
Social Sports Gold Thomas Pyle
Sustainability Student Network Bronze Daniel McEvoy
Sustainability Student Network Silver Grace Bell
Sustainability Student Network Bronze Macaulay Rowntree
Sustainability Student Network Bronze Meg Coley
Swimming Silver Amy Mills
Swimming Silver Charlotte Yates
Swimming Bronze Diogo Moura
Swimming Bronze Max Ankerstjerne
Swimming Bronze Rosie Bostock
Swimming Bronze Samuel Wonham
Ultimate Frisbee Silver Amber Hayler
Ultimate Frisbee Silver Ben Howard
Ultimate Frisbee Bronze Ellie Belcher
Ultimate Frisbee Silver James Prewer-Andrews
Ultimate Frisbee Silver Joshua Gallant
Ultimate Frisbee Silver Laura Hallett
Ultimate Frisbee Bronze Lovro Fuckar
Uni Boob Team Bronze Abigail Evans
Uni Boob Team Bronze Amy Whittam
Uni Boob Team Bronze Annabel Brownhill
Uni Boob Team Bronze Emily Day
Uni Boob Team Gold Hannah Wright
Uni Boob Team Silver Jasmine Ives
Uni Boob Team Gold Joshua Jones
Uni Boob Team Bronze Josie Butler
Uni Boob Team Gold Molly Rodda
Uni Boob Team Bronze Rhian Gakhal
Uni Boob Team Bronze Sian Oakley
Uni Boob Team Gold Stephanie Pritchard
Uni Boob Team and Loco Show Co. Gold Emma Davies
Uni Boob Team and Loco Show Co. Gold Rachel Holland
Uni Boob Team and Women's Student Network Gold Hannah Heskin
Volleyball Half Colours James Ledbury
Women's Basketball Half Colours Anna Trett
Women's Basketball Half Colours Caitlin Collier
Women's Basketball Half Colours Chandre Nunez
Women's Basketball Half Colours Charlotte Finn
Women's Basketball Half Colours Ella Whitehouse
Women's Basketball Half Colours Emma Wickham
Women's Basketball Silver Emma Wickham
Women's Basketball Half Colours Grace Roberts
Women's Basketball Full Colours Kimberley Kheing
Women's Basketball Full Colours Kirsty Russell
Women's Basketball Half Colours Nuri Seyedagha Calderon
Women's Basketball Full Colours Shanice Turner
Women's Basketball Half Colours Shona Williams
Women's Basketball Silver Shona Williams
Women's Cricket Bronze Emily Kibble
Women's Cricket Bronze Flora Bertwistle 
Women's Cricket Half Colours Flora Bertwistle 
Women's Cricket Silver Jess Cook
Women's Cricket Gold Lucy Hunter
Women's Cricket and Netball Gold Abbie Smith
Women's Football Full Colours Alice Hopkins
Women's Football Gold Chloe McLeod
Women's Football Bronze Ellie Sutton
Women's Football Silver Ellie Ward
Women's Football Bronze Holly Morris
Women's Football Bronze Katrina Money
Women's Football Bronze Megan Wiltshire
Women's Football and Women's Futsal Gold Emma Collins
Women's Futsal Half Colours Emma Collins
Women's Futsal Half Colours Alice Finley
Women's Futsal Bronze Charis Parkinson
Women's Futsal Half Colours Charis Parkinson
Women's Futsal Half Colours Charlotte Arrowsmith
Women's Futsal Half Colours Chloe McLeod
Women's Futsal Bronze Elizabeth Whittall
Women's Futsal Half Colours Elizabeth Whittall
Women's Futsal Half Colours Ellie Ward
Women's Futsal Half Colours Holly Morris
Women's Futsal Half Colours Isabella Lee-Fisher
Women's Futsal Half Colours Megan Hebdige
Women's Futsal Half Colours Nuala Coleman
Women's Futsal Bronze Saffron Smith
Women's Futsal Half Colours Saffron Smith
Women's Futsal Gold Shona Baldwin
Women's Futsal Half Colours Shona Baldwin
Women's Futsal Gold Sophie Elcox-Bond
Women's Futsal Half Colours Sophie Elcox-Bond
Women's Futsal and Women's Football Silver Alice Finley
Women's Futsal and Women's Football Gold Megan Hebdige
Women's Hockey Silver Eryn Orme
Women's Hockey Gold Eve Corry
Women's Hockey Gold Hannah Doran
Women's Hockey Silver Jessica Dawkins
Women's Hockey Gold Megan Lee
Women's Hockey Bronze Molly Poupart
Women's Hockey Silver Rachel Mellar
Women's Hockey Gold Ronia Stagg
Women's Hockey Gold Samantha Alford
Women's Hockey Bronze Sophie Field
Women's Hockey Silver Zoe Byrne
Women's Hockey Bronze Zoe Higgins
Women's Rugby Gold Abbie Roberts
Women's Rugby Half Colours Abbie Roberts
Women's Rugby Half Colours Abby Smithman
Women's Rugby Bronze Carmen Tremelling
Women's Rugby Half Colours Carmen Tremelling
Women's Rugby Half Colours Charlotte Wright Haley
Women's Rugby Bronze Eleanor Beech
Women's Rugby Half Colours Eleanor Beech
Women's Rugby Silver Ellie Bonnett
Women's Rugby Half Colours Emma March
Women's Rugby Silver Emma March
Women's Rugby Bronze Faith Rowe
Women's Rugby Silver Fiona Tapley
Women's Rugby Silver Imogen Cook
Women's Rugby Bronze Jasmine Rampton
Women's Rugby Full Colours Jasmine Rampton
Women's Rugby Bronze Jess Kershaw
Women's Rugby Half Colours Jess Kershaw
Women's Rugby Half Colours Rachel Lund
Women's Student Network Silver Ezre Holland
Women's Student Network Silver Nicola Lawton
Women's Student Network Silver Phoebe West
WorcSnow Silver Emma Smith
WorcSnow Bronze Isabel Morgan
WorcSnow Gold Natalia Taneska
WorcSnow Bronze Oscar Wiseman
WorcSnow Silver Thomas Watson
WorcSnow and Cheerleading Gold Caitlin Dowie