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The students receiving Society Honours form the backbone of our Societies, which wouldn’t be able to exist without their hard work and dedication. Honours have been awarded to the individuals who kept their societies going throughout an incredibly difficult year.  

Congratulations to everyone who has received Society Honours.


Caleb Newbury – Anime & Manga

CJ Dangerfield – Disney & Pixar

Holly Maher – Disney & Pixar

Amelia Oram – Disney & Pixar

Bella Riley – Education Enhancement

Katie Gayton – Education Enhancement

Lauren Harriet – Education Enhancement

Daniel Bates – Loco Show Co

Louise Turner – Loco Show Co

Chantel Taylor – Loco Show Co

Ella Moir – Loco Show Co

Lauren Jones – Loco Show Co

Emily Ballantyne – Loco Show Co

Jordan Leighton – Nursing

Demi Rutherford – Nursing

Robyn McClatchey – Spotlight

Charley Cowan – Spotlight

Rebecca Price Jones – Physiotherapy



Pedram Bagherabadi – Anime & Manga

Philippa Ensor – Anime & Manga

William Morris – Christian Union

Megan Smith – Disney & Pixar

Willow Hoare – Disney & Pixar

Tyesha Wynter – Education Enhancement

Nathan Smith – Loco Show Co

Rachel Holland – Loco Show Co

Emma Davies – Loco Show Co

Trion Thomas – Loco Show Co

Beth Hiatt – Loco Show Co

Josh Taylor – Loco Show Co

Liam Palmer – Marvel & DC

Tamara Randle – Marvel & DC

Reegan Hudson – Marvel & DC

Rose Wilson – Spotlight

Emily Waddingham – Spotlight



Rin Townsend – Anime & Manga

Jack Elliott – Anime & Manga

Danielle Jones – Creative Writing

Lou Turner – Disney & Pixar

Thomas Pyle – Disney & Pixar

Emily Cartwright – Education Enhancement

Lucie Beard – Education Enhancement

Charlotte McNamara – Education Enhancement

Lucy Grace – Loco Show Co

Alice Linforth – Loco Show Co

Keenan Delve – Marvel & DC

Amy Warburton – Marvel & DC

Jordi Evans – Spotlight

Kara Hughes – Spotlight

Finley Wanstall – Spotlight

Katie Meyer – Spotlight

Rachel Holland – UniBoob

Mia Drumm – UniBoob

Natasha Cullen – UniBoob

Steph Pritchard – UniBoob

Hannah Wright – UniBoob

Hannah Heskin - UniBoob