Volunteering Overseas

The Students' Union does not currently advertise on behalf of any international volunteering organisations, as our priority is to encourage students to work to make a difference in the local community. However, we are more than happy to give advice to any students considering an overeas placement...

Volunteering overseas can offer a completely different and sometimes life changing experience, but it is a big decision to make. Be sure to look around to find the experience that suits you

BEST ADVICE – Do your research and ask questions!


Here is our recommended checklist to ask yourself and the organisation:-

  • Aims: What are your main goals for volunteering? Does the organisation allow you to achieve them?
  • Finance: How much will the FULL project cost? And how will you fundraise?
  • Extra Costs: Always check what is and what is not included in the project costs (accommodation, food, flights, visas, vaccinations?) – request a breakdown if necessary
  • The organisation: Is it a Charity/For-profit organisation? Are you happy with what your money goes towards?
  • The place: Check that the conditions are such that you would be happy to live and volunteer there
  • Health: Check with your GP – what vaccines do they recommend? Are you in good health for the project?
  • Insurance: Does the organisation provide this? If not, make sure you have the appropriate travel cover
  • Training: Will you feel totally prepared for what you are being asked to do?
  • Selection: Are there selection criteria for volunteers? If not, why not?

Useful links

It can be hard to differentiate which organisations are sending volunteers for ethical reasons and those that see an opportunity to make a profit - here are some useful pages that can help you find an opportunity that suits you

Volunteer England: Overseas volunteering advice
Guardian article: Seven questions you should ask before you volunteer abroad
LSE website: Advice on overseas volunteering
Ethical volunteering: A guide to ethical overseas volunteering

Contact us

If you still have questions, please get in touch with us at suvolunteering@worc.ac.uk

30 Nov 2015 20:21