Supporting our students to #GetInvolved and make a difference

Student Led Volunteering Projects 

Got an idea that can help people? Want to be your lead on your project? From DJ workshops in local youth clubs, to baking cakes and buddy schemes, come and have a chat to us about it and we'll help you get started. A student-led project starts with an idea for a scheme or project that will make a difference to the lives of not just the students but the wider community. All projects are entirely student-led, run by student volunteers with the support of the Students' Union.

You can make new friends, help in the community, campaign and fundraise for causes that you care about and enhance your university experience. It's not too late to give it a go. 

Types of Projects can include: 

Campaiging and Fundraising: These groups can be set up and run entirely by students who give their time to campagin and fudraise for a cause. For example our Uniboob Team do just that. 

Community Volunteering Groups: These groups are set up with the aim of developing activities in the local community with community partners. 

All of these projects will set up as a society and receive support from the SU in the same way as all of our other societies do.

Key contacts:

Neve Ricketss, Vice President Student Activities – n.ricketts@worc.ac.uk