Student Led Volunteering Projects

All projects are entirely student-led, run by student volunteers with the support of the Students' Union. Follow the links below to view each project, and how to get involved. A student-led project starts with an idea for a scheme or project that will make a difference to the lives of not just the students but the wider community.

Helping Handbags

Filling donated handbags with items to support the homeless


Uni Boob Team

Raising awareness of
Breast Cancer amongst students











How to start a Student-Led Volunteering Project

There are five steps to forming a University of Worcester Students’ Union Student-Led Volunteering Project.

Step 1: Research the Need

Step 2: Create your Project Plan

Step 3: Meet with the SU

Step 4: Submit to Student Council

Step 5: Approval

Step 6: Get Started


Only students who have followed these six steps will be permitted to operate as a Students’ Union Student-Led Volunteering Project. This is to ensure that your potential project has a proper structure, does not contravene Students’ Union policy and has the required level of financial assistance, from the Union. The process can be completed at any time of the year. Please note that only current students of the University of Worcester are permitted to establish Student-Led Volunteering Projects or hold positions within them.

Some of your Key contacts when starting a Society:

Sophie Glenny, Vice President Student Activities –

Eleanor York, Student Engagement Coordinator -


Step 1: Research the Need

When you have a possible idea for a project that you would like to start you need to research the need. Make sure there is not something similar already and ask yourselves if this project realistic and sustainable?

Step 2: Create your Project Plan

Once you have gathered together your research and you are happy with your project idea you will need to submit a ‘Student-Led Volunteering Project Proposal’ where you will outline the aims and purpose of the project.

The form will cover areas such as:

  • Funding: Start Up costs, repeat costs, and estimated income/expenditure. Can fundraising cover your costs?
  • Roles: You need to decide clear committee roles.

Some other things to think about are your branding and will you need volunteers? If so you need to decide clear roles when advertising for volunteers so they know what is expected. How will you recruit? How will you maintain volunteers?

Step 3: Meet with the SU

Once we have received your ‘Student-Led Volunteering Proposal’, we will invite you in for a ‘Start-Up Meeting’. The main aim of this meeting is to discuss your project in more detail and how we can help you to get started. We will go into a lot more detail surrounding Funding and all your income/expenditure.

Step 4: Submit to Student Council

Once you have had your 'Start Up Meeting' and finalised your funding your application will be submitted to the next Student Council meeting for approval. All Student Councils for the 2016/17 academic year have passed. But please note applications over the summer can still be processed and we will organise approval remotely by Student Council.

Step 5: Approval/Get Started

Once your Society is approved you are free to start with your planned activities. This can include recruiting your volunteers any additional committee members, planning your first event and promoting your project to students.


Once your new project has been approved you will be given a page on the website for your Project, this is where you as committee members will need to sign up for your free membership. You will be given access to this page, where you can edit this page to tell potential volunteers and other students what your project is all about, advertise events, and provide contact details and social media links.

From your initial set up there will be regular checks from the SU to how everything is going and review your progress as a project. The SU is a constant source of guidance for student-led projects so at any point you can access for support or if you have any questions.



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