Supporting our students to #GetInvolved and make a difference

During these unprecedented times volunteers are making an invaluable contribution to health, education and charities across Worcestershire and the UK. We know that our students are some of the most thoughtful and caring people so we wanted to give those who want to help out during the coronavirus outbreak a helping hand in knowing how they can help. This page will show you just some of the ways that you can give your time to help others.

Local Volunteering Opportunities

  • Here2Help Worcestershire:

This is a campaign that is being co-ordinated by Worcestershire County Council. As part of this initiative you can tell the council if you have any goods or services you’d like to donate via their ‘offer to help form’. This can be anything as simple as delivering food packages to vulnerable people, or collecting and delivering prescriptions for people who cannot leave their homes.

  • Worcester Foodbank:

The foodbank have committed to keep working to feed the hungry and less fortunate during the coronavirus outbreak. The have written about the 3 ways you can support the foodbank.

  • Worcester Acute Hospitals:

Worcester Acute Hospitals are looking for volunteers to help run the local hospitals during this difficult time. You can see me details by looking at the volunteering section of their website.

  • Blood Donations:

Blood donation centres are still open and are putting in extra safety measures to protect those donating. Giving blood and platelets is essential to the NHS and particularly vulnerable patients. You can see how to become a blood donor here.

  • Covid Mutual Aid UK:

Covid Mutual Aid UK are supporting local community groups organising mutual aid throughout the coronavirus outbreak. You can find a group in your local area via their live group listing.

If there are any local charities or causes that you already support then please continue to do so. All charities will be feeling very stretched at this time so if you can support in any way you can then you will be helping to make a real difference to the community.

Looking out for each other and the people around you

The most important thing we can do in these unprecedented times is to look after each other and everyone around us. Make sure you look after your neighbours and loved ones by offering help with shopping or other errands that they may not be able to do. There may also be other people that might appreciate your support during these tough times such as

  • Staff and Volunteers working in the NHS
  • Staff or volunteers working in key roles

Keeping yourself safe while helping others

Here are some of the best ways to stay safe while helping out during these difficult times:

  • Make sure you are following the government’s advice around social distancing and staying at least 2 metres away from others.
  • Support your friends and family by video calling them rather than going to visit.
  • Make sure you keep washing your hands for at least 20 seconds
  • If you are offering to run errands for people then make sure you don’t go into their houses and stay at least 2 metres away from them. If you are picking up prescriptions or someone’s shopping then leave them outside the front door and wait for them to collect it rather than taking it into their house or flat.

Let us know what you're doing

We would love to hear your stories of how you are helping. We have a ‘Coronavirus Community’ Facebook page that is the focus for all the Student Unions activity during the coronavirus outbreak and we would love you to share your experiences of helping others. Share your stories with the hashtags #positiveworc, #heretohelp, #teamworc and we will get sharing as many of your fantastic stories as possible.

Make sure you also log your hours if you are volunteering. There is now a separate category for COVID-19 volunteering which you can find here and then all these will then be put on your degree transcript when you graduate. It is also really important because the university will want to share some of the great work that you have all been doing.