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We continuously work to maintain our achievements in the SOS-UK Green Impact Award each academic year. As part of this we recognise our environmental aspects and impacts, and the areas where improvement is required. Our latest Green Impact Award came in the 2021-22 Academic Year where we were rated as Excellent which is the highest level of accreditation.

Click on the links below for files documenting our Green Impact work from 2021-22 Academic Year. 

NUS Responsible Futures

Responsible Futures is certification of a whole institution’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainability (SRS), spanning the formal and informal curriculum, applicable to both further and higher education. The Responsible Futures certification indicates the institution has an enabling environment for SRS to thrive, rather than an endpoint. SRS covers not only looks at environmental sustainability but wider society in relation to ethics, wellbeing, social justice, global citizenship and moral responsibility.

Depending on the number of criteria the institution completes, they can achieve either: a working towards Responsible Futures or Responsible Futures Accreditation. Having participating in Responsible Futures this year the institution will need an audit to verify their level of achievement. 

The University of Worcester and Worcester Students’ Union were one of just 13 pilot institutions which help set up RF in 2012. In 2015 we scored an impressive 234.5/260 to obtain the accreditation for the last three years. Our last audit was in May 2020 on this occasion we scored 268/330. Our next audit will be in June 2022.

For more information about Responsible Futures please contact  Worcester SU President Al Linforth, or the Director of Sustainability for the University, Katy Boom

Click here to read the report on student and staff attitudes to sustainability.