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Varsity 2018

We've fought hard all the way in a close contest, but Gloucester take the win in Varsity this time around. Well done to all the clubs and players who competed for #TeamWorc. We're proud of each and every one of you! We will always much #RatherBeASauce. Until next time, Gloucester... 

Final Score: 


Ladies Badminton - won 
Men's Volleyball - lost
Men's Badminton - won
Ladies Volleyball - won
Table Tennis - won
Mixed Badminton - won
Dance - lost
Netball - lost
Basketball - won
Futsal - won

19th APRIL:

Cricket - won
Ladies Football - won
Men's Football - lost

20th APRIL:

Golf - lost
Athletics - lost 
Swimming - lost 

21st APRIL:

Rowing - won
Ladies Hockey - lost
Men's Hockey - lost

22nd APRIL:

American Football - lost

23rd APRIL:

Tennis - lost
Trampolining - lost 

24th APRIL:

Climbing - won
Cheerleading - won

25th APRIL:

Ladies Rugby - won
Men's Rugby - lost