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This code of conduct relates to both Gloucester and Worcester spectators

What do we expect?


What do we expect? 

Though Varsity 2017 is a competitive event, it is expected that all spectators uphold respect for players from both teams, match officials and their fellow supporters at all times. Appreciation and applause for effort and good play is expected. All spectators are representatives of their club, Students’ Union and University and should behave in a manner befitting this before, during and after the Varsity events.

There were elements of behaviour seen at previous Varsities, mainly by spectators, which will NOT be tolerated again by either Students’ Union or University.

It is a privilege for Sports teams and spectators to attend and play in Varsity and the events should be treated as such. Varsity entails a significant cost and administrative effort for both Unions, which needs to be borne in mind by those playing and attending.


What behaviour will not be tolerated? 

A policy of zero tolerance will be applied to all Varsity events. As such, the following will not be tolerated:

  • Arriving at an event drunk or otherwise intoxicated
  • Abusing, threatening or intimidating any player, spectator, match official, coach or any other participant, whether before, during or after the event.
  • Failure to comply with anything an event official, SU staff or steward asks
  • Showing unnecessary or obvious dissension, displeasure or disapproval towards any person at the event.
  • Using crude or abusive language or gestures towards any person present at the event.
  • Conducting yourselves in any manner, or engage in any activity, whether before, during or after the event that would impair the reputation of your Club, Student Union, University or university sport in general
  • Behaving in a manner which could cause distress, alarm or harm to another.
  • Any spectator that pitch invades before, during or after the event will not be tolerated.
  • Bringing any alcohol, drugs, flares & other restricted items into the event.
  • Using social media to offend, abuse, threaten or intimidate any player, spectator, match official, coach or any other participant, whether before, during or after the event.
  • Acting in an unlawful manner



  • Alcohol consumption may or may not be permitted at events, depending on the location and nature of the fixture (and previous problems experienced). You will be informed if alcohol will be permitted at an event and will be required to behave in an orderly, good-natured manner at each fixture.
  • Alcohol consumption is only permitted at events where expressly communicated.
  • No alcohol is to be brought into any venues and will be confiscated.
  • Alcohol is NOT permitted on any transport to or from Varsity events.
  • We reserve the right to search your person and belongings at each event and before any transportation to and from an event.


What happens if this code is breached? 

  • You will be removed from the venue immediately.
  • You will not be allowed to use any transport arranged by the Students’ Union, regardless of whether you have paid for this.
  • You will not be allowed to attend any further Varsity events.
  • Your photograph may be taken.
  • You will be referred to your Students’ Unions disciplinary code and may result in sanctions being placed against you and/or the club, including expulsion from the Union and the cessation any rights of membership thereof.
  • You may also be referred to your University’s disciplinary procedures. The University may charge you with a breach of its code of conduct which may result in sanctions being placed against you, including expulsion from University.


Please also note:

  • We reserve the right to amend or implement new regulations throughout the Varsity programme and for different fixtures.
  • We reserve the right to cancel Varsity at any point if problems are being experienced.
  • We have made it clear to all players that any incidents of concern this year (including any caused by any spectators) may well result in the cessation of any future Varsity.


We hope that you enjoy Varsity and represent your Universities and players in an appropriate and befitting manner.  Do enjoy it and thank you for your co-operation.


Representing the University

Not Representing the University

This includes (but is not limited to): 

  • Wearing University branded clothing
  • During any fixtures
  • During university tied socials


Level 1 possible outcome- Formal Warning from the Students' Union

  • Inappropriate sportsmanship
  • Inappropriate sportsmanship
  • Mild abuse or trolling over social media

Level 2 possible outcome- Social/ Performance Bans, Removal of Committee Positions, Community Service

  • Extreme inappropriate sportsmanship
  • Abusive language about a university team, (Internal or external) on a personal account.
  • Abusive language to any official, steward, SU staff or player.
  • Minor physical or verbal abuse
  • Extreme abuse or nudity/offensive content on social media
  • Any pitch invasions before during or after a fixture

Level 3 possible outcome- Banned indefinitely from the Club in question/ Banned from representing the university in any Student union sport or activity.

  • Physical inappropriate sportsmanship Abusive language using a club's social media account
  • Minor physical or verbal abuse Vandalism
  • Minor indecent exposure Antisocial behaviour
  • Major physical or verbal abuse Vandalism
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Letting any flares off at a fixture before, during or after a match

Level 4 possible outcome- Reported to the University and/or Police for sanctioning and disciplinary actions

  • Major indecent exposure
  • Criminal activity
  • Major indecent exposure
  • Criminal activity

** The above categories are not exhaustive


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