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COVID-19 Guidance

Each society and sports club and will be following COVID guidance. The guidelines vary with different activities. If you have any questions about your clubs/societies activity COVID guidelines please contact your committee. Their details can be found on the A to Z page. 

Track and Trace

To comply with NHS Track and Trace requirements we will be using Teamo Playsafe for all sports clubs and societies activities. 

Teamo Track and Trace Guide

This section will be updated soon!

Teamo Privacy Notice 

We are using Teamo Play Safe to enable us to complete Track and Trace for our Clubs and Societies. Teamo is a Third-party Provider. You can find all the information about how Teamo will use your data here. When using Teamo we suggest you do not opt in to marketing communications. Information you provide to Teamo will only be available for 21 days after the date you attended the event or activity. The Students’ Union has access to download this information within the 21 days and will only do so if requested to by the following bodies: NHS Track and Trace, local authorities, the University of Worcester and where applicable, National Governing Bodies. When this information is downloaded the Students’ Union will only use this information for the purpose of Track and Trace in line with UK Government guidelines for England. The information will only be shared with the bodies above.

The processing of this data is necessary to ensure that we comply with NHS Track and Trace. Please note that Worcester Students’ Union is the Data Controller and details of how we process your data including how long we retain it and your rights are detailed here.