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Nature Society

Are you down to Earth? Be part of the nature cycle!


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If you'd like to know more about how to preserve for your well being, how to live in a community where all organisms matter and how to relax and be part of the nature to achieve a better standard of living: The nature society is welcoming you!

10 +1 Reasons to join:

1 - Hints to build a sustainable guilt free life style supported by the SU Sustainability Department

2 - Access to many organisations, survey and science equipment to support your studies

3 - You can have your own allotment and grow your organic crops on campus in a team

4 - Socials, nature walks, gardens, zoos and more

5 - Year long photo and meme competition

6 - Active facebook group: interesting discussions about factual trends and science papers released from the Universities Institute of Science and Environment

7 - Surveying oppertunities in Geography, Ecology, Biology and participation in wildlife conservation projects

8 - Conferences, talks and discussion events

9 - Ideas how to save the planet 'effortlessly' 

10 - Job and volunteering opertunities

+1 - Recongition: All members are eligible to sign up for the Worcester Award Scheme in the personal development section and any volunteering counts towards your V-Record, if you have 50 or more hours its recorded on your HEAR (Higher Educational Achievement Report) and recieve a certificate upon partificpation of every event.

Free snacks, drinks and suppliments on most of the events!! Yeah!

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Facebook - Nature Society at the University Of Worcester

Twitter - #UOWNATSOC

Instagram - worc_naturesociety

Email -

Membership is £5 for the year, or £3 for one semester. Please come find us at the society fair, we'd love to meet you and answer any questions you have. Remember you can sign up to the interest list for 2 weeks and see if the society is for you, before you pay membership. :) 








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