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Polish Society


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UWPOL Society is a group of Polish students, who like challenges, new opportunities and making dreams come true. As we are Polish students in UK we understand how someone might feel in a new environment without any family support or some values carried from home country. Nostalgic? Homesick? (Oh yeah, we know how it is! We have been in your shoes!) That’s why we have this society that we want to call our new little family. If university lectures, part-time jobs, volunteering at the event are not enough for you, and you want more travelling, movie nights, conferences and career talks – come and say hello! 

We are here to:

  •  Socialise (events, conferences, trips and guest speakers)
  • Promote Polish culture, history and language, giving everyone a chance to learn more about the country and tradition (for non-Polish as well as for Polish students) 
  • Make Polish students feel even more home: concerts, film projections, pub crawls, cook Polish ‘’pierogi’’, “paczki’’, Christmas, Easter and of course give students a chance to maintain their values, bonds, and tradition they grew up on.


Meeting times

This Friday 4th October EE G119 Music (Fl)


Future plans:  

Every Sunday Evenings  - Movie Night ''World on Fire'' 

8-9 Nov Cambridge Conference ''Polish Science'' 

Christmas Event 

Trip to Great Malvern 

History Talk and presentation about  GENERAL ANDERS, POLISH WAR HERO 




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Fri 8th November

Polish Science Perspective
8th November midnight - 9th November midnight
Arts and Culture | Representation
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Inclusivity Rep