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Timetabling - we want to hear from you!

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Following student feedback through the National Student Survey (NSS) and Course Experience Survey (CES) as well as discussions around best practise for teaching, timetabling limited the length of lectures to two hours. This decision was made with students’ academic interests in mind whilst being aware of the unique requirements for the learning and teaching of each course across the University.

Some sessions may require a longer block e.g. lab practical’s, complex theory sessions. Academic staff can apply for longer timetabled sessions should the need arise. So, if, as a Course Rep, you get feedback from your group around the length of lectures being too short you can speak to your Course Leader about how this might work in the planning for next year. BUT it’s important to remember that there may be multiple factors affecting the length of timetabled sessions including room availability, teaching method and staff availability.

We hope that is useful information for how timetabling works and what the standard approach to timetabling is!

What we'd love to know 

Have you and your course mates been able to easily access your timetables?

Do you and your course mates know how much independent study the University expect you to have completed each week?

Do you think it would be beneficial for students in first year to have a timetable showing them how much directed study they are suggested to do between lectures? 

^Please email megan.price@worc.ac.uk with your answers 


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