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Staying Safe Online

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This year things are a little more virtual! With that comes lots of zoom quizzes, online lectures and other activities we thought we would provide you with our 7 top tips for staying safe online:

Protect your event with a unique ID and password.
Open meetings are good for getting more people involved with your event or activity. However, this comes with risks including having people enter your event who don’t want it to go well!
When you create an event password think carefully about how you share this. Make sure you use the waiting room function to check who you are admitting.

Make sure only the host can share their screen.
It’s a simple setting and will prevent anyone else taking over. (You can change this later on if someone else needs to share their screen)

Lock the meeting once it has started
This will prevent anyone else from joining – but make sure everyone is present first!

Use the power of the host
There are lots of host features you can use to make sure your event goes well. For example, you can disable participants cameras and microphones on entry at a large scale event to help reduce to amount of ‘can you put yourself on mute please’.

Recording and taking screenshots
If you are planning on recording a session or taking photos or screenshots – make sure everyone is on board! (If they aren’t ask them to turn their camera off!)

Prevent file sharing
You can manage who can share files - that way no one can share information on the chat stream without your say so.

Keep your apps up to date
Software providers are always adding new security features and plugging security floors in their applications, so it's important to always update your apps when prompted.

We hope these top tips are helpful! And there is plenty more information online about how to make the most of virtual events and activities:

Studying online: https://www.worcester.ac.uk/life/help-and-support/health-and-wellbeing/remote-working-wellbeing.aspx

Hosting online events: tips-and-tricks-to-hosting-a-successful-online-event


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