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The Students’ Union is partnered with local taxi service Cathedral Cars to make sure that all of our students have a safe way to get home.

Cathedral Cars provide special discounted and fixed rates for students in Worcester (starting from just £5.50) and have a fleet which contains eight seater taxis and mini-busses.

What to remember? 

Always pre-book with Cathedral Cars when you can, and make sure you get into the right vehicle. If you get into the first vehicle that turns up and which isn’t your pre-booked ride, you may run the risk of getting into an uninsured car or being charged an extortionate amount. This can also give rise to bogus taxi drivers, putting your personal safety at risk.

You can download the official Cathedral Cars app or call 01905767400 to make a booking. When your taxi arrives, ensure it’s the one you ordered by asking the driver to repeat the name you gave when you made the booking, or check that the vehicle registration matches the one you were given.

If you can’t pre-book, look out for Cathedral Cars taxis, which can be identified by a sticker with the Students’ Union and Cathedral Cars logo attached to the side. A vehicle with one of these stickers must adhere to the fixed rated for students as long as you can show the below card (available on campus and at the Welcome Fair) or your student ID.

If you are not sure about the driver, don’t get in. If you feel uneasy once you are in the taxi, ask the driver to let you out at a busy, well-lit place. Don’t forget that you can download the Callmy Alert app, the University’s official safety app for students. If you need urgent help on or between campus, use the Callmy SOS button, or call security on speed dial.


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